Is it safe to sleep with an electric blanket during pregnancy?

Is it safe to sleep with an electric blanket during pregnancy?

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As far as we know, yes. But there's not a lot of solid research on the subject.

Electric blankets give off a very low frequency electromagnetic field (EMF). The same is true of some other household appliances, power lines, MRI machines, and cell phone transmitters. Some studies have linked exposure to such fields during pregnancy to an increased risk of miscarriage and some birth defects.

Unfortunately, most studies on EMFs in pregnancy have been small. Because no high-quality evidence has linked electric blanket use with danger in pregnancy, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American College of Nurse Midwives do not suggest that you avoid electric blankets while pregnant.

If you do use an electric blanket, you'll want to keep yourself from getting overheated. (Raising your body temperature to more than 101 degrees Fahrenheit can be dangerous for your developing baby. This is the main reason hot tubs aren't safe during pregnancy. ) It's unlikely an electric blanket would heat you up this much, but it's probably best to leave it on a low or medium setting.

A better option might be to heat up the bed with the electric blanket, then turn it off once the sheets are nice and toasty.

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