Things to consider when planning to become pregnant!

Things to consider when planning to become pregnant!

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From the moment you start planning to have a baby, it is very important to get expert help for a healthy pregnancy and delivery process. Memorial Antalya Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Department Op. Dr. Action Sugar Bee, to spend a comfortable pregnancy and to have a healthy baby, gave information about what to do before pregnancy.

Öncesi Possible risks before pregnancy should be investigated ”

Today, couples who want to have a baby behave more consciously Op says. Dr. Aryan; “In the past, couples who did not have regular checkups even during pregnancy were more frequent. However, after making such an important decision; to have a healthy baby and to have a pregnancy away from the possible risks; at least 3 months before the onset of pregnancy. In the first interview with the doctor, it is questioned whether the couple's family has been found to have genetic diseases and whether there is a risk of congenital birth. In case of such discomfort, couples are advised about the illness ”.

Protect yourself and your baby with the necessary tests!

Kiss. Dr. Bee underlined that some tests should be performed before pregnancy and added: “Complete blood count, complete urinalysis, hepatitis scans, fasting blood sugar, thyroid function tests and blood pressure measurement must be done. Thanks to these tests reminiscent of a small check up program; If a disease is detected, it is possible to start the necessary treatment before pregnancy. ”

It is very important to avoid smoking, alcohol and stress!

Before pregnancy, the expectant mother should make some arrangements in the lifestyle of Op. Dr. Arı continued his words as follows; “Pre-pregnancy“ pap smear ına test is performed for mothers. If a person has a vaginal infection before pregnancy begins, it is treated. In gynecological examinations, if there are problems that may cause miscarriage and premature birth risk, such as uterine fibroids or deformity of the uterus, they are detected and treated if necessary. On the other hand, mothers are warned that they should stop smoking and alcohol consumption completely, have regular eating habits and should not use medication without consulting a doctor. In this period, as much as radiation; Folic acid supplementation is given to the mother who should stay away from stress for the healthy development of the baby. It is recommended that folic acid should be used three months before pregnancy to prevent the risk of defects in the brain and spinal cord, which is called “neural tube defect”. “

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