Asthmatic children and considerations

Asthmatic children and considerations

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Children with allergic diseases have some points to consider in daily life. American Hospital, Department of Pediatrics Ayla Kamburoğlu Göksel “Knowing and paying attention to some features other than the medication recommended by the physician improves the quality of life..
Children with asthma should be protected from contact with cigarettes, air pollution, influenza and colds, respiratory irritants, and most importantly, if there is a designated allergen that triggers the disease.

The most important enemy of asthmatics is smoking. Smoking in another room and using air filters do not prevent the damages caused by smoking. The only way to prevent the harm of smoking is to provide a completely smokeless environment.

In asthmatic children, a simple flu can cause shortness of breath. Therefore, children with asthma should avoid contact with people with the flu. The flu vaccine does not completely prevent flu, but may reduce the frequency and severity of an asthma attack caused by infection. The flu vaccine should only be administered if the doctor has recommended it.

Some children with asthma have allergies to pets. The most important part of treatment in these patients is to reduce contact with pets.

Some children with asthma may have symptoms such as dry cough, wheezing and difficulty breathing after exercise. One of the main goals of asthma treatment is to enable the child to perform physical activities that are similar to their peers. Effort restraint is not recommended for children who are under regular control and followed up with appropriate medication. It should not be forgotten that there are many asthmatic athletes competing in Olympic teams or doing sports professionally, that is, they earn their lives from sports. If the child regularly takes his / her medication, or if he / she takes the required medicine before exertion, he / she can easily play sports. Swimming is a sport that is recommended for children with asthma.
House dust mites are the leading allergens entering the body through the respiratory tract. These animals, which are too small to be seen with the eyes, are the most common cause of asthma in our society. Mites reproduce easily at room temperature and in a humid environment; people feed on skin rashes. For this reason, especially in bedrooms, carpets, house dust, woolen toys, bedding and clothes are very suitable places for these animals to live. The chances of mites to survive are reduced in high areas over one thousand two thousand meters. Since the mites continue to be alive all year long, the symptoms they cause also persist throughout the year and do not intensify during a certain season. In the fight against house dust mites, the amount of moisture in the environment should be tried to be reduced because these animals cannot live in environments where the humidity is less than 40%. Carpet should not be laid in the bedrooms of asthmatic children with susceptibility to house dust mite, and wool - hairy toys and articles should be kept around to keep dust. Bed linen should be washed at least 60 degrees every week. One of the most effective measures against house dust mite is

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