Top baby clothing brands

Top baby clothing brands

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There are so many appealing baby clothing brands, it can take some time to find the ones that suit your style, work well for your baby, and fit your budget. A lot of this is individual, but when you're stocking your baby's wardrobe, consider trying these tried-and-true baby clothes brands. They're beloved by parents for super-soft materials, thoughtful features, versatility, and style.

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  • Gerber

    The company that invented the Onesie

    What they make: This venerable brand is a staple for basic baby and toddler clothes, with everything from sleepwear to loungewear to a line of solely organic baby wear. And they invented the Onesie! (It's a trademarked term, which is why you'll see these one-piece garments called "bodysuits," "creepers," "loungers," and other names when they're made by companies other than Gerber.) Parents also like that Gerber makes many clothing sets with multiple coordinating items such as pants, Onesies, PJs, bibs, and hats.

    Price range: $10 for a 5-pack of Onesies; $75 for a layette set

    Where to buy: Online or in retail stores like Target, Walmart, and buybuy Baby.

    What to watch out for: Although Gerber's prices are very friendly and the quality is good, the styling is a bit more basic than some other brands. Some parents dislike how gender-specific Gerber's clothing has traditionally been, with most items categorized as "baby boy" or "baby girl" in shades of blue or pink (although the brand now has a gender-neutral line in greens, yellows, and grays).

    We recommend: 8-Pack Short-Sleeve Onesies, a terrific bargain for Onesies your baby will wear over and over.

    Available at Amazon starting at $19.99

  • BabyGap

    Affordable basics and outerwear

    What they make: babyGap is known for classic baby staples; dresses, rompers, and swimsuits; and their famous Gap jeans – baby-size, of course. We also love their line of cozy sweatpants and sweatshirts for babies, many of which have adorable bear ears. babyGap has gotten in on the gender-neutral movement in a big way, too, with a whole neutral section on its site for babies 0 to 24 months.

    Price range: $29.95 for a hoodie sweatshirt; $14.95 for a baby bodysuit

    Where to buy: babyGap has stand-alone stores, or you can purchase their clothes at

    What to watch out for: Quality is similar to Carter's and Gerber, although prices are higher. However, some would argue that babyGap clothes are more stylish.

    We recommend: Baby Favorite Reversible Bear Hoodie Sweatshirt, so cute you'll want to take a ton of pictures when your baby's in it.

    Available at babyGap starting at $24

  • Carter's

    Sets and baby staples sold just about everywhere

    What they make: With roots going back to 1865, you could say Carter's has been in the baby clothes game for a while. It has everything, including cute coordinating outfits, sleepers and gowns, holiday attire, and shoes – all at very budget-friendly prices. Carter's is known for its Simple Joys line of inexpensive baby basics sold on Amazon, and its Little Baby Basics sets that can outfit a baby in one fell swoop.

    Price range: $7 for a bodysuit; $25.99 for a hooded jacket

    Where to buy: You can find Carter's at pretty much any baby clothing retailer on- or offline, which makes shopping super convenient. Carter's also has brick-and-mortar stores, sometimes branded as OshKosh B'Gosh, and sells its clothing at

    What to watch out for: If you like gender-neutral clothing, Carter's probably isn't for you. Pretty much everything is pointed to either a baby girl or a baby boy, and there are a lot of pink butterflies and blue dinosaurs. That said, there are blues and grays in the girls' choices; patterns to suit all; and a "neutral" category in the search choices. Carter's has improved its style game in recent years, and parents can find plenty of great-looking clothes at prices that won't wreck their clothes budget.

    We recommend: Carter's 15-Piece Brown Little Baby Basics, with everything you need to keep your baby cozy and warm for days at a remarkable price.

    Available at Carter's starting at $55

  • Cat & Jack

    Exceptional styling at friendly prices

    What they make: Just as Target became a retail giant by bringing upscale styling to bargain-priced goods, Cat & Jack makes clothing that looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. Known for its stylish, comfy clothes, the brand also gets props for its wide selection of adaptive clothing, with features like flat seams for kids with sensory differences and hidden openings for kids who wear medical devices. We especially love Cat & Jack's adorable details and baby-friendly features like leggings that actually fit diapered bottoms.

    Price range: $4.99 for a striped Henley bodysuit; $29.99 for a 5-piece top-and-bottom set

    Where to buy: Cat & Jack is available exclusively at Target retail stores or online.

    What to watch out for: With prices so low, it probably won't surprise you that some garments have quality issues like dyes that run or fabrics that shrink in the wash. This is the baby equivalent of fast fashion, so not every item will be hand-me-down-ready quality.

    We recommend: Baby Boys' Plaid Suspender Shorts Set, just the thing for the most dapper baby on the block.

    Available at Target starting at $17.99

  • Tea Collection

    Globally inspired (and we do mean inspired)

    What they make: This luxury baby brand has a higher price range than some others, but Tea Collection's clothes take their inspiration from beautiful clothing all over the world, making for a vibrant line of sophisticated and modern clothing for babies and older kids. These clothes are well made and durable, so you'll be able to hand them down to future kiddos.

    Price range: $26 for a baby tee; $35 for a dress; $45 for a hoodie

    Where to buy: Tea Collection clothing is sold at as well as at high-end department stores and boutiques.

    What to watch out for: Many parents balk at paying this much for baby outfits, which children outgrow quickly.

    We recommend: This Envelope Back Romper is cute as a button and comfy, too. It won't chafe chubby thighs even in sweaty summertime.

    Available at Tea Collection starting at $29.50

  • Hudson Baby

    Affordable clothes with high-end styling

    What they make: Another "less expensive than it looks" brand that's stiff competition for Target's Cat & Jack line, Hudson Baby/Hudson Children sells stylish basics. It competes favorably in price with offerings from Carter's and Gerber. Their bodysuits, stretchy pants, sleepers, and mix-and-match clothing sets are cute and comfy. And their Touched by Nature line has baby basics in soft, organic cotton.

    Price range: $9.99 for a 3-pack of bodysuits; $15.99 for a 3-pack of sleeping gowns.

    Where to buy: Hudson sells its clothing online at, as well as at Amazon, Target, and Kmart.

    What to watch out for: The company makes baby clothing with "ironic" messages that rub some parents the wrong way ("Bonjour, ladies" and "Mommy's new man" for baby boys and "Stinking cute" and "Sweet as a peach" for baby girls).

    We recommend: Hudson Baby Cotton Rompers – a whole lot of style and comfort for a startlingly reasonable price.

    Available at Amazon starting at $19.99

  • Burt's Bees

    Soft, organic baby basics

    What they make: The company that started out making beeswax candles and lotions also sells soft, organic cotton baby clothes. Their bodysuits, socks, blankets, and sleepers are well made, and a bargain compared to other brands that sell high-end, organic baby clothing.

    Price range: $13.95 for footed pajamas; $22.95 for the brand's popular Beekeeper sleep sack

    Where to buy: Burt's Bees sells its clothing online at, and through retailers like Target, Amazon, and Walmart.

    What to watch out for: Burt's Bees clothing washes and wears well, but it's known for having unusually small wrist and ankle cuffs. If you have a chubby baby, read reviews to make sure this isn't the case for items you're checking out.

    We recommend: Beekeeper Wearable Blanket, which parents say is super-soft and gives babies plenty of room to grow.

    Available at Amazon starting at $12.99

  • Monica + Andy

    Beautiful clothes in sumptuous fabrics

    What they make: One of the newest brands on this list, the Monica + Andy line is made of GOTS-certified organic cotton. (This means it must contain a minimum of 95 percent certified organic fibers, compared to a minimum of 70 percent certified organic fibers for clothes labeled "made with organic.") The brand's Modern Layette and Hospital Cuddle Boxes take the guesswork out of what new babies need. And though they're pricey, these clothes are beautiful and durable enough to pass down.

    Price range: $19 for a long-sleeved baby bodysuit; $69 for a 5-piece newborn Cuddle Box; $660 for the 36-piece Motherlode Modern Layette Cuddle Box

    Where to buy: Online at Monica + Andy or Nordstrom, or at stand-alone stores in a few cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City.

    What to watch out for: The prices are eyebrow-raising.

    We recommend: Out & About Rainbow Romper, the kind of ultra-comfy baby wear that strangers will compliment you on.

    Available at Monica + Andy starting at $24

  • Garanimals

    Mix-and-match with amazingly low prices

    What they make: Sold exclusively at Walmart, this brand you may remember from your own childhood is still going strong. Parents appreciate that it's inexpensive and has it all: staples from sleepwear to playtime pieces to layette sets. Garanimals is best known for its mix-and-match colors and prints, which make it easy for preschoolers and up to flex their personal style.

    Price range: $3.88 for terry cloth shorts; $51.56 for a 12-piece toddler basics wardrobe

    Where to buy: Garanimals is sold only at Walmart stores and online.

    What to watch out for: With prices so rock-bottom low, it's inevitable that some items will have flaws. Parents complain that colors fade or lettering peels after washing. Some parents don't love the gendered messages like "I'm not allowed to date … ever" on bodysuits sold for girls, and trucks, tools, and "I'm tiny but tough" on the boys' versions. But Garanimals does have a gender-neutral line for babies in shades of gray, brown, and blue with no questionable sayings.

    We recommend: Newborn Baby 20-Piece Layette Gift Set, which could be all your baby needs to wear for the first few months at a very low price.

    Available at Walmart starting at $44.50

  • Polarn O. Pyret

    Stylish (and spendy) unisex clothes

    What they make: This Swedish outfitter makes baby clothes of remarkable quality. The look is Scandinavian, with unfussy styling, classic patterns, and subdued and sophisticated colors like navy and black. Their prices are high, but these are pieces you can hand down over and over again. Polarn O. Pyret sells gender-neutral clothes for kids up to age 12, as well as a line of clothing for preemies.

    Price range: $39.50 for a long-sleeved romper; $92 for fleece bunting

    Where to buy: This brand is mainly sold online at Polarn O. Pyret, but Amazon carries it too.

    What to watch out for: You can get your baby a week's wardrobe elsewhere for the price of one sleeper. Granted, that one sleeper will never wear out, but still.

    We recommend: The Classic Stripe Eco Wrap Bodysuit, because it's so soft you'll want to put your baby in it every day.

    Available at Polarn O. Pyret starting at $28

Chaunie Brusie is a labor and delivery nurse and journalist.

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