Guide to healthy vacation suggestions for expectant mothers

Guide to healthy vacation suggestions for expectant mothers

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The safest period for vacation is 18-24 weeks of pregnancy

During pregnancy, especially from the first months of travel can be done. The safest periods are between 18 and 24 weeks of pregnancy. It is useful to be more careful despite the bleeding in the first 3 months and the possibility of delivery in the last month. Aircraft may be preferred on long journeys, but car journeys can be made by observing certain rules. When traveling abroad, expectant mothers should take all necessary precautions and consult their physician about medications that can be used in emergencies.Beware of expectant mothers who already have problems such as preterm birth and bleeding!Pregnant women who have experienced problems such as the threat of preterm birth and bleeding and who are still at risk are not welcome to travel long. Another problem is the possibility of having problems due to the tendency of clotting when traveling immobilized due to varicose veins during pregnancy. During the summer vacation, the most difficult point for pregnant women is the heat. The choice of holiday destination is very important for pregnant mothers. Regardless of the period of pregnancy, extremely hot regions are not suitable for the mother and the baby's health. Excessive fluid loss and associated fatigue and fainting may occur. In addition, the percentage of freckles and pregnancy spots in certain shadows increase due to the active color cells in the skin during pregnancy. Risky pregnant women may have an increase in blood pressure under the influence of sun.1 mineral water daily and plenty of liquid consumption is importantSummer vacation mothers can swim in the sea and pool, swim and sunbathe for a short time. It is important for pregnant women to use protective creams when sunbathing. They should wear hats and sunglasses to reduce the stimulating effect of sunlight. Plenty of fluids should be consumed during the holiday and in the sun. 1 mineral water per day can help electrolyte loss. Urine color is the easiest way to determine if enough fluid has been taken or if there is more fluid loss than anticipated. If the urine color is darker than light tea, fluid intake may be reduced or fluid loss may be increased.Sports during pregnancy can keep you healthy and fitOlive oil and light meals should be preferred and precautions should be taken to avoid constipation. Food and street food should be avoided in the street and outdoors. Sports activities such as water sports and diving in the resort have risks for pregnant women. Pregnant women do more light activities such as swimming, walking, yoga and pilates. It is more important for the health of the baby and the expectant mothers. The feet should be moved during the journey and small walks should be taken in the aircraft at appropriate times. - Drink plenty of liquids. - Seat belt should be worn by passing through the bottom, not on the abdomen.

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