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How should you deal with your baby's crying crisis?

How should you deal with your baby's crying crisis?

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Would you like to know why your child aged 2-4 years is crying and whining, and learn some tactics to help them calmly? If yes Parent and Family Coach İlkiz Özcan Sönmez you should listen to what he says.

There are many reasons why children of this age group can express their emotions:

Fear : Darkness, insects, animals…
Anxiety: Especially worry about being separated from you and being left alone with a new caregiver
Disappointment: Failure to do something he wants to do
Interest: Wish to spend more time with you
Hit BumpFear of being hurt very easily.

Other than that, your child may be hungry, tired of being over-warned, resisting sleep or just doing what he wants and wanting to prove his independence. Occasionally, constant complaints may reflect a more general mood, which may be caused by hunger, fatigue, or illness.

If your child is crying all the time, try to show an interest in the behavior he wants without crying and to respond as positively as possible. Refuse to do so calmly until you express your wish in a sensible tone.

If she can't speak enough yet, you may need to try to distract her by directing her to another activity when she starts to cry. From time to time, it may be tempting to submit to your wishes to calm down, but this is a mistake, and it does nothing but make your child's behavior worse.

You can't surrender to whatever your child wants, and that always helps explain. Try saying in You can't eat candy now because your lunch will be ready now şimdi or “You can't watch videos right now because it's time for bedtime”. Usually “I want” is actually a signal to say I want attention. A hug, a bit of praise or a few minutes to sit on your lap or reading a book will probably be enough for your child to be happy and return to the game after spending time together.

Coping tactics with crying crises

• Do not reward your child the crying behavior by giving him what he wants, as this will only teach you the best way to get what you want.
• Take care of clear causes, such as fatigue, hunger and boredom.
• Show positive interest when your child asks you kindly or behaves nicely
• When your child requests something, respond quickly, even if your answer is no, do not wait until you begin to whimper
• Engage children of this age with interesting toys and activities
• If you know that you will eventually surrender, it is better to do it from the beginning - “Yes I will buy you candy today” “Yes, you can watch the video now.

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