Super preschooler gifts under $50

Super preschooler gifts under $50

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  • Rubber stamps and non-toxic ink pads

    Preschoolers looooove rubber stamps, and we have reams of paper evidence to prove it. These kits from Melissa & Doug are so charming, in themes from fairy garden to baby zoo animals to the alphabet. Perfect for occupying the kids while the grown-ups get a little eggnog time.

    Editor's note: We found these great gifts under $50, but prices can change quickly on the Internet so we haven't included them here. Click the product titles below for current prices.

  • Fun inside the box

    You know that saying about how kids would rather play with the cardboard box than what comes inside it? Box Creations let them do just that. You'll find cardboard playhouses ranging from country cottages to castles and pirate ships, even a space shuttle. When your kid has finished decorating it, that's just the beginning.

  • For the little librarian

    Books make fabulous gifts for kids of all ages. And you can make any book a little more special with the gift of personalized bookplates. We're in love with the ones from Etsy's Devon Design Co.

  • Let them be heroes

    Why be Superman when you can be Super Chloe or Super James with an awesome superhero cape from Etsy's Baby Pop. Customize the colors and logo – you can even add a letter or two. The price is amazing, and the only downside is how tough it will be to convince your kid to take it off for bed.

  • Music for your ears

    Get ready for your child's first jam session! This deluxe band set from Smart Wallaby comes with 15 pieces, including wrist bells, shaker eggs, xylophone, and castanets. Hearing your child make rhythms and play with sounds will be music to your ears.

  • Get more gift ideas!

    Take a peek at our top picks for babies, toddlers, big kids, even those hard-to-shop-for dads. Plus, our easy DIY gifts from the kids that any grandparent will go ga-ga over.

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