I look 20 weeks pregnant but I'm not even close

I look 20 weeks pregnant but I'm not even close

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I'm pregnant with my fourth child. And I look 20 weeks pregnant, but I'm not even close.

Can you believe it?? Baby #4 here we come!

Less than six years ago I sat and wrote about how clueless of a mom I was. I didn't realize my son was crying in his car seat because he had no toys to play with or things to look at. I had no idea a 12-pound baby shouldn't be in size newborn diapers until I complained of the multiple poopsplosions. I didn't know some 3-year-olds go to preschool programs until another mom shared with me.

I will always have a lot to learn, but I feel thankful that I'm approaching this fourth baby from the veteran mom's perspective. If you count my three miscarriages, this is my seventh pregnancy.

I look 20 weeks pregnant, but I'm not even close. I'm closing in on 14 weeks and not a single piece of my old clothing fits. Of course, as the way life goes, I only just got rid of all of my maternity clothing, so I've had to start fresh. By 8 weeks pregnant with this fourth child, I was showing. My obvious morning sickness sealed the deal, and shortly into my first trimester I had to start telling people.

Check out this awesome and wild 12 week bump:

To celebrate my fantastically bumpin' 12-week bump, here are 12 thoughts about this pregnancy:

1. Unlike my other pregnancies, I often forget I'm pregnant this time around, except for the hours when I feel incredibly nauseous. I forget I can't jump on the trampoline or eat runny eggs and have to constantly remind myself that I'm pregnant.

2. We moved from the city to the suburbs last year, and our home is perfect for 4 kids. Our oldest, Raffi, will keep his own room that has his own bathroom. I'm sure he'll appreciate that when his two younger sisters are teenagers and take forever to get ready. The two girls will share a room, which works well because my older daughter's room is the biggest bedroom in the house. The baby will take my youngest's room which is still outfitted with a crib and changing table.

3. I get to buy all new stuff for this baby! Shopping for baby clothing is so fun, and I'm excited rather than disappointed that I already gave away all the baby clothes. Baby gear has changed so much over the last 6 years, and I'm excited to try out some new things.

4. I care more about how I look this pregnancy than the last ones. I already feel like a whale and it isn't a feeling I enjoy. I 'm out of breath walking up the stairs, and I've already stopped lifting weights. I am gaining weight at an average pace, but I just feel so large.

5. This is the worst case of morning (afternoon) sickness I've ever had. I'm sick for a solid 6 hours every day, and it's hard taking care of three small children when you don't feel good. I admit I've relied on the TV and electronics to make it through every tough afternoon.

6. I am so emotional this time. I cry at least once a day. I cried because I got ice cream but then felt too sick to eat it. I cry daily about my son starting full-day kindergarten next month. I cried driving home from visiting my family because it was such a nice visit. At any given moment I might be doing the ugly cry just like my toddler:

7. We are really, really excited. Where we live in the suburbs of Philadelphia there aren't too many families that have four children. We know our kids will be such a strong presence together, and we feel so happy that we are growing our family by one more.

8. Shhh! We know the gender already, but we aren't telling yet. Technology is amazing!

9. We're on a serious baby name search. Our kids are Raffi, Alessandra, and Valentina. Please share some boy and girl names that would work well with that combo! We've already used up our most favorite and important names. My husband's family is Armenian and mine is Italian and Jordanian so we would love to have a name native to one of those countries.

10. Ice is my BFF. Coke too. What is it about ice-cold drinks when you're pregnant? They taste (almost) as good as a smooth glass of red wine. The only way to drink water when pregnant is with a ton of ice. Yum.

11. My house is cleaner than it's ever been. I had a really hard pregnancy the last time around, and by 26 weeks it was hard for me to do daily tasks without being in discomfort and pain. I'm trying to get ahead of it this time around by getting everything in order now. Crazy? Maybe! But smart too, I hope?

12. I had 12 thoughts to celebrate being 12 weeks pregnant, but my pregnancy brain has not allowed me to retain those thoughts. Pretend I said something really fascinating and cool here. Thanks, pregnancy brain.

Having four kids was always our destiny. I remember being 8 or 9 years old and drinking hot tea at the kitchen table with my mom. I told her I couldn't wait to be a mom and have four children to love and take care of and to have my own happy family. And now we will get to have that. I cannot wait!

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