Dear Baby Girl: Time to color your world

Dear Baby Girl: Time to color your world

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Dear Baby Girl,

How's it going in there? Hope you've made yourself at home. Judging from all the moving around (is that your elbow poking out of me??) it certainly seems like you are.

You may not realize this, but that little sac you're swimming around in may very well be the most calm and comfortable setting you'll ever have. So sit back (not too far back, those are my lungs), have a drink (amniotic fluid?), and enjoy the room with no view (my big belly).

Your mom and I are spending this weekend putting the finishing touches on your room. You better be a girl (the amniocentesis said as much), otherwise you're stuck with a lavender and gray room and a whole bunch of cutsie pink socks. It's funny, we were so convinced in the early stages we were having a boy that when the doctor called to tell us the sex of the baby (and I remember the conversation vividly), I almost didn't believe her:

DOC: Hi Jenna? We got the results back. Everything looks great. Baby's healthy. Do you want to know the sex?

ME: Of the baby?

DOC: (long pause) Um, yeah. The sex of the baby.

ME:Yes I do No wait, I don't. I mean yes. Definitely. No don't tell me. Ok tell me, tell me. No wait.. Ok yes, tell me.

DOC: Are you sure?

ME: It's a boy, right? I know it's a boy.

DOC: It's a girl.

ME: (screaming across the apartment) Hey Steph!!! We're having a boy!

DOC: NO!! I said it's a girl!

ME: Wait, this is all very confusing. Is it a boy or a girl??

DOC: A girl. You're having a girl.

ME: But, I thought for sure it was a boy.

DOC: OK, I'm going to get going now.

And that's how we found out you were a girl. Simple, easy, straightforward conversation with the doctor.

Anyway, since then, we have changed our prep course and have laid out the welcome mat for a baby girl. And we hope you don't mind, but we're not drowning you in pink (you don't know what pink is just yet, but you will... oh trust me you will. Pink. And princesses. And tutus. And dolls, frilly dresses, tiaras, and tea parties. If those are all things you want, knock yourself out. We'll be thrilled. But we're going to let you make those decisions on your own growth and your own time).

Your grandmother (my mom), tried her hardest to color my life pink when I was a little girl. (I had pink bed sheets, pink curtains, pink tops, bottoms, dolls, dresses). It was too much. I looked like a Pepto Bismol child. So what did I do? I staged a mini revolt at age 4. I woke up one Saturday morning, collected all the pink things my little arms could carry, dragged them down the hallway and dumped it all in my parents' bedroom. I looked up at them standing there in disbelief, and in a sweet but stern little girl voice said very matter of factly, "I like green better." And that was the end of mom's Pink Campaign.

That revolt continues to this day.

So we've decided to start you off with lavender/grey and let you discover your own color palette from there. And if it turns out you like pink, then pink it is. Or green. Or brown. Or whatever inspires that sweet little soul of yours.

(Now this is important.... If a mistake was made and you come out a boy, ignore the above, go find your blue. Or yellow. Or heck, even pink... and welcome to the world, Baby boy)



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