Moms confess: 12 things that hurt WORSE than childbirth

Moms confess: 12 things that hurt WORSE than childbirth

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It's no wonder we pregnant ladies are always uncomfortable and frequently crabby. Not only are we women subjected to the months of raging hormones and smooshed entrails, in the end, we are all faced with the inevitable pain of bringing our bundles into the world.

However painful labor and delivery may be, there are a group of our site moms talking about things they have experienced that are worse.

Whether the thought of experiencing pain worse than childbirth brings you comfort when thinking of your upcoming labor and delivery, or it makes you feel like these moms are making light of this harrowing feat, the comments below will leave you questioning this viral "factoid" found on every form of social media:

"Normally, the human body can only endure 45 units of pain. Yet at some points of labor and birth, a mother can withstand 57 units of pain. This is similar to 20 bones being fractured at one time."

Check out what these moms are saying hurt WORSE than their labors and delivery.

  • Snapping my femur and shredding the surrounding muscles in my leg was worse than my unmedicated, induced childbirth.
  • My gall stones were way worse than the pain level I had to deal with in childbirth. The attacks actually felt very similar to contractions, only instead of going away, they were constant. It was like being stabbed. By ten ninjas. With really long swords.
  • I had a hematoma under my toenail this year. It was basically a big pool of blood under the nail, forcing it off the nail bed. I swear it was worse than any of my labors.
  • The first poop after childbirth with a 3rd degree tear!
  • Punch hole biopsies of my cervix. I've had two sets done. It's like taking a paper hole punch to your insides. I'm scarred for life!
  • I had a hemorrhoid cut off a few weeks ago. It felt just like the Ring Of Fire but lasted 2 days! I thought that was worse than childbirth.
  • I had a kidney stone while I was pregnant and had to spend days in the hospital. I thought that was worse than giving birth two weeks later.
  • I'm not one of those women who "forgets" the pain of labor. It sucked! The only thing that has ever been worse for me is tooth pain. And not just any tooth pain, rotted-tooth-on-top-of-a-pocket-of-infected-puss tooth pain. Pain that shoots through your sinuses and into your eyeballs. Pain that makes you pass out. Yep I'd take labor over that any day.
  • The worst pain EVER is something one can experience from a clitoral hood cyst. It isn't very common, but imagine your most sensitive lady parts being swollen, throbbing, with no form of relief. I couldn't walk, sit, stand... nothing. I wanted to die.
  • I had shingles last summer. It was more painful than childbirth, and lasted longer.
  • Getting hit in the eye with a couch spring was worse than all 3 of my labors put together. I lost all vision in that eye and had to have emergency eye surgery just so I wouldn't lose my actual eyeball.
  • Ummm, stitches... to my anus... while pregnant, was worse. The moment I ran into the shower door and my butt made contact with a shampoo bottle (yes, shampoo bottle), I saw stars. The pain was so intense I literally thought I was going to die. I was in excruciating pain every time I tried to walk for 2 weeks. Even thinking about it now makes me queasy.

Holy ouchness, Batman!

Personally, I have not been through most of these. But, I would have to agree that back labor has been the most horrible pain I have endured thus far in my life. I took delight in one woman’s warning to first time moms:

"I don’t want to scare anyone but...

Unless a migraine or UTI can feel like pushing a flat screen TV through the hole in a Cheerio, then I don’t think any other pain can compare!"

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