The miracle of birth

The miracle of birth

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What is normal birth?Normal birth between 38-42 weeks of pregnancy and pangs of the baby in front of the head itself without damaging the mother and the mother through the vagina as a separation from the mother's body. Simla Okumuşoğlu Khan said that after birth, placenta and membranes were spontaneously thrown out of the uterus. Dr. Dr. Karaca, at birth, the baby can be more comfortable in various maneuvers and pizyotomi called incision can be applied, he said.Can I do that too?Almost all of the mothers are wondering, "Can I have a normal birth?" Simla Okumuşoğlu Karaca, “Generally, if there is no inconsistency between the infant's anomaly and the mother's pelvis, if the baby's heart rate is normal, if there is no risk of heart disease, bleeding and cord hanging for the mother and the baby, her weight is a normal baby. normal birth can be planned. ”Referring to the drawbacks of normal birth Dr. Karaca continued his words as follows; Ek Preeclampsia, also known as pregnancy poisoning, in pregnant women whose hip bone is too narrow to give birth or if there is a mismatch between the baby's head and bone pelvis, posterior disorders of the baby in the uterus such as reversal, lateral posture, multiple pregnancies such as twins and triplets, when the baby is large or premature. In cases of high blood pressure, such as eclampsia, in the case of a large baby (especially as a result of diabetes), the placenta (the baby's spouse) closes the cervix or dislodged prematurely before birth, and may cause severe bleeding, if there is a peripheral retinal thinning accompanying the high myopia and the patient If a retinal rupture or retinal detachment has occurred before, the normal birth may be inconvenient in any situation that indicates that the baby is in distress and requires urgent intervention (deterioration of heartbeat, cord prolapse, etc.). ”Cesarean section is a surgeryCesarean section and normal birth is different from each other that expresses birth methods. Aca Each type of birth has its own advantages and disadvantages. Need to know; cesarean section is not an alternative to normal birth, but in terms of the mother and the baby can be preferred only in medically necessary 'surgery' is that ”he said. Normal birth is a natural and physiological process. Karaca said that the mother could return to normal life and start her daily activities in a short time after birth. In addition to the advantages of normal birth, there are also disadvantages. Karaca, mothers to guide the way, many questions will be the answer to the questions listed in the articles.Advantages of normal birth- The mother can eat anything she wants, care for her baby and breastfeed her baby within a few hours after normal birth. - Relationship and communication between mother and baby can be established more easily and quickly. This situation is very important in terms of the attachment and development of the baby to the mother.- There is no limitation of the number of pregnancies since there is no damage and incision in the mother's womb. It does not pose a risk for future abdominal surgery. - The duration of discharge after hospitalization is much shorter and the duration of exposure to hospital infections is less. This is important both in terms of health and financially. - In normal birth, the anne maternal mortality rate during delivery az is less. - In normal birth, postnatal infection, bleeding and pain are less than in cesarean section. they are taken to intensive care less than those born. (However, this can usually be caused by cesarean section for risky deliveries). Therefore, the risk of developing respiratory distress is less.- It is observed that babies born with normal birth have better skills such as clinging to sucking and sucking.Disadvantages of normal birth- Birth can start any day, any time of day. It is not possible to adjust the date and time of birth beforehand. Because prolongation of the birth moment may lead to an oxygen-free baby in the womb and after birth, the baby's brain development may be impaired. - Vaginal injury and tearing during delivery may occur. Due to these injuries or ruptures, problems such as stool incontinence can be observed after birth. - Episiotomy may cause infection, blood accumulation and opening. The patient may not be able to sit comfortably for a while. - Depending on the normal birth, problems such as bladder prolapse and urinary incontinence may be observed over time.Pregnant mother's reservationsEmphasizing that the expectant mothers are affected by the experiences of their relatives and friends about normal birth and that they are afraid of problems that may arise with the baby. Karaca continued his words as follows; Ağrı The pain experienced during labor, the possibility of episiotomy (the incision at the vagina entrance at birth) and the inability to establish a dialogue with the physician are among the reservations of the expectant mothers. When all these conditions are taken into consideration, the expectant mothers should be informed about the normal birth from the first day of pregnancy and the question marks left in their minds should be removed and encouraged to participate in the exercises that can help the normal birth. Nowadays, it should be noted that there are very effective methods such as epidural analgesia in the field of anesthesia in eliminating labor pains, and mothers should be directed to anesthesiologists about this issue when necessary. It should be noted that normal birth is natural and physiological, and that caesarean delivery method can be preferred only because of the medical necessities that may develop in terms of mother and baby. ”

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