Important tips for mothers (0-12 months)

Important tips for mothers (0-12 months)

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A few tips from Playskool to mothers that make life easier (0-12 months)
Look at what your mini did!
The days you've been waiting excitedly are behind and you have your baby in your arms. You are witnessing how he grew up and sprinkled with each passing day. As time goes by, the number of questions that you can think of increases.

Playskool offers little tips on these questions that mothers have in mind:

• If you are alone with your baby at home and you have work in other rooms, you can also walk your baby with kangaroos on your lap at home.

• If your baby is constantly crying and does not calm down, have him listen to music. You will see her mood swiftly disappear.

• Babies hate dressing. So, choose clothes that are wide enough to easily pass through the arms and head.

• Always wash clothes before first use to prevent skin irritation. In addition, washing baby clothes with soap powder instead of detergent may prevent the cookie.

• If your baby coughs, place a container of water in his room. This container will keep the room moist and soothe it.

• To prevent your baby's pacifier from falling, attach it to your clothing instead of hanging it around your neck with chain and cord. So you can prevent the rope from wrapping around your neck.

• Gymnastics facilitate your baby's muscle development. When the diaper is changed and bath time is also the best time for gymnastics.

• Bathing your baby in the bathtub after eight months will help him or her to perceive the bath time as a game time. This makes it easier to get used to washing. But be careful not to slip.

• If your baby has a food problem, let her eat it with her hands and turn it into a game. That way you'il see he eats more. Also add a plastic spoon between your baby's toys. This will help him adapt to the spoon much more quickly when he begins to feed on food.

• If your eight-month-old baby is crying while in the arms of others, do not be anxious. Rather be happy. This means that your baby can now separate her mother from strangers. The ability to choose a person is an important stage of intelligence development for the baby.

• Dressing your baby in thick clothing makes it easier for him to crawl and try to walk.

• Instead of raising your baby inside the home, in a completely enclosed environment, take them out for a certain period of time. Its more resistant to diseases is the habit of going out.

• If your baby is keen on tearing away the books you have forgotten, give him old newspapers. Due to its easy tear, you will always see that you prefer the newspapers you provide.

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