Uploading Photos and Videos

Uploading Photos and Videos

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How do I upload photos?

You can only upload personal photos as a registered user. On desktop computers, first click on the My Stuff tab on the green ribbon, and then click the "My Photos" tab. Click on "Add Photos" to upload and manage your .jpeg or .jpg photos. Uploaded photos can only be seen by your friends. If you choose to enter a public profile photo, it can be seen by everyone. You can also go to this area if you need to delete photos, or to change your profile photo.

Reminder: If your photo(s) displays an 'X' double-check that it it a .jpeg or .jpg format.

Will my photos be public or private?

When uploading, you can choose to place your photos in the default "Public" or default "Private" albums. You have the option to make additional albums Public, for anyone to see, or Friends Only, for only your our site friends to see.

How do I upload video?

our site currently does not support member video or video embeds.

Watch the video: Parelli Connect Tutorial - Uploading Photos and Videos (February 2023).

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