Everything about delayed birth!

Everything about delayed birth!

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Magic 40th week is marked with great expectation in your calendar. Finally the expected day comes but the expected person does not. Then another week or two will pass. Will this pregnancy never end? For women who have reached 42 weeks, no pregnancy seems to last forever. If the birth has not yet begun at the 42th week, it can usually be started artificially by the doctor. some doctors take action beforehand) the doctor takes into account two factors when assessing the situation.

First, is this really the expected date? If the physical findings such as the size of the uterus and the location of the vertex and the time of the baby's first movements felt by the mother and the time the doctor first received the heartbeat of the baby, the doctor can be sure.

Secondly, does the baby continue to develop? Many babies continue to grow and develop in the tenth month. However, sometimes the ideal environment in the uterus begins to deteriorate. The aging placenta cannot provide adequate nutrition and oxygen, so it is difficult for the baby to maintain good health. The baby who stays in such an environment for a long time is called kin late baby ”. Their skin is dry and cracked, peeled, loose, wrinkled. Typically for the newborn, it is not covered with gelatinous material and is weak. In the deteriorated uterine environment, the remaining intestines discarded the first feces and found the water to be uneconium. So the baby may be dyed green. These babies are also included in the risky babies group. This is because the head circumference of these babies is larger than a normal 40 week old baby. This makes normal birth difficult. In addition, both malnutrition and lack of oxygen, and probably more difficult to breathe because of the infiltration of meconium infants. These babies usually need to be delivered by caesarean section. After birth for a short time may need to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Infants born after 42 weeks or more after a pregnancy without problems are not at a higher risk than a normal baby. After 41 weeks of pregnancy and the cervix is ​​understood to be soft after it is understood that many doctors just a few reasons for the reasons we've explained a little before the risk of the baby and the mother to choose to start the birth to make it difficult for the mother to give birth. ) or meconium contamination, suspicion of growth retardation and other problems in the baby threatens the baby if the cervix does not soften the baby. If at any point in these tests, placenta insufficiency, the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby or the baby's health is at risk, if any signs of risk arises. The doctor takes action. Or artificial labor is initiated by artificial pain or caesarean section.

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