Can Pregnant and Lactating Mothers Fast?

Can Pregnant and Lactating Mothers Fast?

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Hello everyone, today we are with a brand new article. The sultan of 11 months came to Ramadan. Can I fast on one of the questions in the minds of pregnant and nursing mothers? Is fasting healthy during this period? Let's examine it together.

Is Fasting Healthy During Pregnancy?

Before you know that you are pregnant, the most important development of the baby begins. For this reason, we constantly talk about planned pregnancy and the importance of folic acid use before pregnancy.

Folic acid and its importance during pregnancy. // www. / Pregnancy-done in-folic-acid-and-one I /

Nutrition is very important during pregnancy for the baby to grow and develop in the womb. During pregnancy blood sugar serious fluctuations may occur. If these changes are not kept under control, insulin resistance gestational diabetes even the pregnancy sugar we call may occur. We recommend feeding less or less frequently during pregnancy.

Long-term fasting is seen in the fasting mother and the stomach is empty during pregnancy nausea and vomiting, stomach burns problems may increase.

After the iftar, it is loaded on an empty stomach and bloating and digestive problems may occur. A balanced and balanced diet of the mothers is very important both for their health and the health of the baby.

Mothers during pregnancy Both their metabolic balance for both adversely affect the baby's development We do not recommend fasting for.

Studies have shown that the risk of preterm birth and decrease in baby's movements in pregnant women fasting.

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Can Nursing Mothers Fast?

Feeding during breastfeeding is important both for the mother not to spend from her own storage and for the good development of the baby.

Breastfeeding mothers spend 500-700 calories of energy during the day, and if this serious energy gap is not filled, the mother begins to spend from her own storage and falls sluggish.

Breastfeeding mothers that fast for so long can cause milk to decrease. You know that breast milk is the ideal food for your baby for the first 6 months. If your milk is low, the baby may not be able to produce milk, the milk may not be sufficient and retardation in the development of the baby visible.
Both for the mother not to spend from her own storage and for the baby's development process. fasting of nursing mothers We do not recommend.

You can review our article on nutrition recommendations during breastfeeding. // www. / Breast-feeding-the-eras onerileri /

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