What should you pay attention to when choosing baby shoes?

What should you pay attention to when choosing baby shoes?

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Baby shoes are an important issue for parents when the baby starts to walk. It is time for the baby to wear shoes with the first step for the baby whose feet are left naked according to the temperature before walking or protected with socks and booties.

A few years after birth, feet are the fastest growing process. Normally, babies' feet grow by half a number every 3 months until they are 16 months old. From 16 months to 3 years, half-size starts to grow in 4 months and reaches a size almost half the size of an adult 3-year-old.
As such, her first baby shoe significantly affects foot development and health. Therefore, parents should be very careful in choosing baby shoes in order to avoid future problems, and should pay attention to whether their shoes are suitable for foot health rather than elegance.

As with adults, the most important thing to be taken into consideration when choosing baby shoes is that the shoe is complete. While a small baby shoe causes him to squeeze his foot, a large baby shoe prevents him from walking off his foot. If the steps change while walking, this is an indication that baby shoes are large and must be changed.

The toe of the baby shoe should be flexible and soft and the heel should be hard. In terms of the material used, the most suitable for infants and children are baby shoes made of materials such as leather and canvas. Also preferred for children under 3 years, stretching to the ankle

Adidas baby shoes with all these features are frequently preferred by parents. Adidas also offers a wide range of baby shoes for parents in our online store. Adidas baby offers elegance to babies with its colors and patterns
leather and canvas materials are used as materials for shoe models.

Along with the Adidas baby shoe, the Reebok sneaker is one of the models that parents prefer. Parents looking for suitable shoes for their child; Adidas baby shoes and Reebok sports shoes, as well as many quality brands and products that include the company's e-model they can find.

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