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Mothers and their comics!

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While the new mothers are excited to have a baby, they make some funny mistakes by mistake. Here funny mistakes made by new moms most frequently encountered.

To other Mothers “Come on, are you a mother too!”

In general, one of the funniest mistakes made by mothers who had their first baby; The woman who gives birth to only one child in the world is thinking that the only perfect baby is her own. Briefly “Of course I am the only perfect mom!” states. But this period will not take too long for the mother who breastfeeds the baby every two hours and changes the diaper.

Ruining Himself with the Thought of “My Baby Can't Cry!”

The mood, which never allows the baby to cry, is one of the common mistakes made by new mothers.

Before the baby is more beautiful, the mother immediately cooks, hoppala he intervenes and prevents. Yes, of course, no mother wants her baby to cry; but sometimes crying is an action that relieves the little ones. Let them cry a little, they open.

Thinking you will arrive at your destination in time

The punctual mother, who grew up everywhere in time, believes that she can achieve it after her tiny baby is born. However, it is not easy to leave the house with a tiny baby.

He'il get his diapers dirty when he's leaving the house. You received everything; but a thought that something has been forgotten for certain makes 10 rounds in the house and leads to a wandering.

Anyway, I probably didn't forget that when I left the house, either the bottle or the pacifier was forgotten and the house was returned. Under these conditions, it would not be possible to catch up on time.

Bread, Eat, Watch Television, Always Read Books in Our Home, Just Listen to Classical Music to Make Ambitious Discourses

Do not eat absolutely white bread; When you go to the house to eat all the bread and eat all the bread all night, your friends may think that you never give your baby food at home.

At a time when he doesn't eat, you can expect to eat white bread just to get some food in his stomach. He said that I watch television; you may need to watch your baby to keep you entertained while you are trying to feed your food or work that you need to raise tomorrow.

Don't talk too ambitious just because classical music will be heard at home, your baby can accompany you in the atmosphere of Ankara on the radio can surprise you and those around you.

Keeping The First Thing That Must Come To Your Mind When The Baby Cries

The new mother cries the baby immediately panic and wanders around. Immediately breastfeed or give food; but realizes that you are not hungry. He looks at his fever, he has no fever. "Why is he crying then?".

There is gas, maybe he says, strokes his back, his belly because it hurts, rubbing his belly, he came to sleep, shakes because he can not stop, but the baby does not stop. When planning to go to the doctor because there is a certain serious problem with a sudden enlightenment or someone's reminder that you look at the diaper, yes it has wetted.

As soon as you change the diaper, it shuts up.

Believing that she gave birth to the world's most perfect child

It is frequently observed in mothers in substance 1 mode. Most of the new mothers are not as beautiful as the other babies, it is not too exaggerated to be able to walk, spell, or find toys correctly. they pretend that their baby's crawling is a miraculous event.

Every stage of the development of babies, of course, makes every mother happy. However, these mothers can unintentionally squeeze their little cubs in their environments.

Running a doctor every time the baby cries

One of the most common situations among the funny mistakes made by new mothers is that they immediately run to the doctor every time their babies cry without any reason.

Coughing the baby, fever, constipation or diarrhea being of course, it should be taken immediately to a doctor; but not crying every reason does not mean that you are sick.

Dear mothers, keep in mind that they may need to cry sometimes even just to discharge.

Reverse Diaper

Sometimes babies show meaningless restlessness. Maybe he doesn't cry, but he whines, he plays his butt from side to side, he can start crying after a while.

In such a case, the mother who is checking whether she is hungry, what she sees when she sees that she is not hungry and then opens the diaper to check her diapers “I have connected the gland in reverse”.

Don't worry, sometimes it's normal to make mistakes like midnight sleep or when you're drowsy.

Believing You Can Really Rest On A Holiday With A Baby

The first holiday after becoming a mother is often not as imagined. Because the mother is very tired and needs a holiday so much, she thinks that like the previous holidays without a baby who should visit time, sometimes a holiday to rest.

But don't get too hoped; If your baby was small diapers, pee, sleep time, abdominal saturation, sunburn, fly stings, you may not find much opportunity to holiday.

Subchange Accidents

Babies who stay in diapers all day are very happy when their diapers are opened to change their diapers. After all, they have the right to be free. However, there are some situations in which mothers are careless during the substitution and are likely to encounter.

One of the most common of these is that six male babies urinate on their mothers face or the other, and the other is that the baby wanders in the middle of a diaper in the middle to get little air.

Moms are always fun, cheerful and funny! Good thing you are v

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