What does it mean when you are pregnant?

What does it mean when you are pregnant?

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From the first moment you learn that you are expecting a baby, you become more sensitive and skeptical about many things. The main reason for this is that you should now consider not only yourself, but also the health of your baby that grows with you.

Therefore, in particular, any vaginal bleeding or spotting condition, it becomes a matter of intimidating mother candidates.

Bleeding during pregnancy, danger of miscarriage can be a precursor to a serious situation such as. However, mild spotting, especially in the early part of pregnancy, is a normal finding that is named as seeing on it and is considered among the first signs of pregnancy.

So what is vision on top, why and how long does it last? What are the characteristics of other bleeding? Is there any danger to the baby?

What is it to see when you are pregnant?

Women who reach reproductive maturity leave a mature egg cell in their ovaries every 28 days. During this period estrogen and progesterone hormones, in case the egg is fertilized, the uterus prepares it so that the fertilized egg can hold and live there.

The egg does not meet the sperm cell, so if fertilization does not occur, the layer surrounding the uterus is removed from the body, that is, in short menstruation It takes place. However, if the egg cell and sperm cell are encountered and fertilization occurs, the fertilized egg reaches the uterus through the fallopian tubes and clings to the inner wall of the uterus to develop. This may also cause slight bleeding during adherence. 'sight on' It called.

Over-vision is also defined by the public in different ways, such as 'menstruation' or 'seeing while pregnant.' The equivalent of this event in the language of medicine 'settlement bleeding' or 'implantation bleeding' as. All these definitions are used for the same situation.

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Why does vision occur?

There is no rule that this bleeding should occur in every pregnancy. It occurs in approximately 25-30% of all pregnancies. So in every 3 pregnancies implantation bleeding likely to occur.

So why do you have your period when you're pregnant?

After the fertilization of the embryo to survive the inside of the uterus wall called endometrial attachment must. During this adherence process, the embryo causes fractures of the capillaries due to some movements it creates while settling on the uterine wall.

The reason for implantation hemorrhage occurs as a result of these movements in the uterine wall burst of capillaries and mild bleeding is the way.

However, there may be other reasons for this bleeding that occurred at the beginning of pregnancy and the expectant mothers settlement bleeding can mix with.

  • Sign of abortion
  • Sign of ectopic pregnancy
  • The presence of cysts or tumors in the uterus
  • Vaginal infections

What Are the Symptoms of Settlement Bleeding?

There are some findings that help to understand the localization bleeding during pregnancy. Many of these symptoms are similar to premenstrual symptoms.

However, signs of vision, which is one of the first signs of pregnancy, are much more severe.

  • Breast tenderness
  • Disorders of the digestive system such as constipation, diarrhea
  • Weakness
  • Mild cramps in the abdomen
  • Mild headache
  • Nausea
  • Frequent urination
  • Anorexia
  • Increase in body temperature
  • Sudden changes in mood

These symptoms are also among the first signs of pregnancy. However, complaints implantation due to some differences can be understood.

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How does implantation bleed occur?

This bleeding has some special features. Then come all together 'How to settle bleeding? ' let's see;

  • Too Light or Too Dark Color;

Settlement bleeding is dark brown or very light pink.

When the capillaries in the endometrium are cracked, some of the blood released may clot up to a dark color until it reaches the vagina.

  • Little;

The amount of sight on top is quite small. Sometimes it can occur in the form of a few drops of blood, sometimes in the form of faint light spots.

The vaginal pad is too small to fill.

  • Short time;

Settlement bleeding is short-lived. Spots occur for several days or several hours. It does not last as long as a normal bleeding because it only occurs because of the deformation of the capillaries.

  • Low Density;

Vaginal bleeding usually has a bright and cloty consistency. However, the stains formed as a result of implantation are clot-free and have a low consistency.

How to distinguish between normal menstrual bleeding and vision?

Some women can mix menstrual and normal menstrual periods. Pregnant mothers who are unaware that they are pregnant have experienced spotting due to implantation. menstrual pregnancy and therefore can be noticed late.

The features of implantation bleeding will help you distinguish between vision and menstruation.

  • First, menstruation Average lasting 5-7 days is an event. On the other hand, vision is much shorter and sometimes ends within a few hours and sometimes a few days.
  • Menstrual average Occurring every 28 days implantation bleeding occurs several days before the menstrual period.
  • Menstrual bleeding dense, clotted and brightly colored low vision, small amount and very light or very dark color.
  • Intense cramps may occur in the groin during menstrual period, but very slight and vague contractions occur on the sight.
  • Settlement bleeding in the blood Increased HCG hormone.

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Sighting, one of the first signs of pregnancy, is a precursor of fertilization. Therefore, the presence of pregnancy and insemination of the date of the occurrence of insemination 'When does the settlement bleed? ' raises the question.

Implantation is about a week after ovulation, ie after sperm fertilizes the egg. Average 6-12 days then it occurs.

This corresponds to a few days before your normal menstrual cycle. In other words, if your mature egg cell encounters a sperm and fertilized, it will begin to settle by reaching the uterus from the tubes after a journey that lasts between 6-12 days.

Thus, a spotting occurs a few days before your normal menstrual cycle.

It is also time to see how much you are pregnant. The date on which the spots appear is a sign that you are pregnant for about one week, 3 days after a test, can give you the exact answer about your pregnancy.

How Long Does A Bleeding Last?

When you say menstruation during pregnancy, it may come to mind that bleeding will occur for a normal menstrual period. However, menstrual and implantation bleeding times vary.

And how many days does it take to settle bleeding?

Settlement bleeding is not a very prolonged and intense bleeding because the embryo detonates some of the capillaries during adherence to the uterus.

majority 1-2 days slight spotting or stream in the form of. However, if there is a longer and more intense bleeding, a doctor should be consulted because it can be a harbinger of an important condition.

Is there any damage to settlement bleeding?

When mothers see the implantation bleeding at the beginning of pregnancy, they may be worried about the harm or serious condition of their babies. But these concerns are groundless.

And also seeThis may not occur in all pregnant women, but if it has occurred, this is a very normal and usual event.

It shows that the embryo is attached to the uterus. There is no danger for the mother or the baby. But other vaginal bleeding should be made well, and if a suspected bleeding is experienced, you should consult a health center.

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