Traditional February Sale! February 16-22

Traditional February Sale! February 16-22

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February 16-22 Discounts

We have already left 15 days of different discounts in many categories and brands in the traditional ebebek February discounts… But don't worry, there are still 12 days There are still many nice deals, 28% Discounts that will come to you very well!

We know you're impatient, so let's start…

February 16

Today… How can we tell? Like a nice song or a very tasty cake Like the feelings you remember when you remember your favorite movie… Okay okay! On February 16, there are discounts that will delight both parents and children!

All Toys and Battery Powered Cars are 28% off during the day!

28% discount on all toys will continue throughout the day in our stores and on the Internet!

If you want to examine the toys in ebebek immediately, let us take you //www.e- / toy-book

Battery powered cars, some of the biggest dreams of children In fact, not only children, parents also enjoyed a lot of fun with their children and a toy battery-powered cars… Click here to discover now //www.e- / aculu-car

February 17

If you want, let's say this time quickly özel Specials for February 17 28% discount products:

  • All radios and cameras:

Safety first…

Security at home is essential. We already know that you want your baby to be with you at any moment to hear your voice at any moment.

The technology in radio and cameras allows this de

It is possible to find radios and cameras suitable for all budgets at ebebek, if you want to inspect them immediately and plan your shopping before February 17: //www.e- / baby-radio

  • All Korbell Products:

Korbell products are a product that you will meet when you are a parent and that will ask you the question muş Would it be a garbage can for diapers?…

Special trash bags allow you to tear them off as you use them, not to mention just a trash can Korbell products contain the bad smell of diapers so that it really provides great comfort!

Click here to view products: //www.e- / korbell

  • All Casual Products:

One of the 17 February discounts is valid for Casual products 28% Discount!

Here is a link for you to review and decide on a range of casual tools: //www.e- / casual

Travel System Baby Carriages, Kangaroos, Car Seats and much more are waiting for you.

Don't forget that the campaign is in our stores and on the Internet, okay?

February 18

The date for all Happy Hop and Recaro products is 18 February. We know a brand that will make your kids love the seat belt… Happy Hop designs are so colorful! : //www.e- / happy-hopCar Seats should be the sine qua non of your travels… Did you know that using a car seat is also a legal obligation?

February 19

February 19 is a complete equipment day… The 28% opportunity available on all Maclaren and Johnson products will continue throughout the day… If you need these products, you should definitely evaluate them!

20 February

ebeb on February 20 Philips Avent day birçok Many products in the breastfeeding and nutrition categories will be released today February 20 is the right day to try Philips Avent products that you like, used, recommended, or want to try.
Click here to see all Philips Avent products sold at ebebek: //www.e- / philips-avent

February 21

We came to one of the days you all eagerly waited… Today is the day of discount for all Home Textile and Mother Bags! Those who want to buy home textile products that you will chirp your baby's room and mother bags that you can easily fit all your baby's needs in both practical and lightweight and very stylish with 28% discount opportunity are expected to ebebek stores or e!

Does ebebek end with these? not over!

Uppa Baby's modern designed products will also have opportunities to continue throughout the day…

If you are not yet familiar with Uppa Baby products, please meet now: //www.e- / uppababy  

February 22

Attention   A 28% discount on all Seesaw, Nuna and Mamas & Papas products will continue throughout the day!  
  • All Mamas & Papas Products:

Mamas & Papas products, which are known for their functional and stylish baby carriages, will have a 28% discount on Friday, February 22…

Click here to review now: //www.e- / mamas-papas

  • All Seesaw Products:

Seesaw products will be 28% off during the day!

Discover the Seesaw brand with many products such as cribs, cots, breastfeeding chairs, playgrounds: //www.e- / seesaw

  • All Nuna Products:

Another discount of the day is Nuna products!

Nuna products are loved by parents. Offering very effective products in terms of price and performance, Nuna's Leaf mother's lap is the biggest help of parents.

Click here to discover Nuna products: //www.e- / nuna

Now we have come to the end of a week, there are plenty of tools for 16-22 February discounts ... We hope you will meet your needs at a discount period will be a discount period.

We will discuss the 22-28 February discounts next week, to discuss.

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