Things to do to avoid babies thrush!

Things to do to avoid babies thrush!

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Things to do to avoid babies thrush!

Babies need careful care and protection. Because the immune system is weak and their resistance is low, it is quite easy to catch many diseases.

One of the most common conditions that disturb babies and parents during this period is the formation of thrush in babies.. Wondered by families, causes thrush in infants Before answering the question of what is this situation should be mentioned.

Thrush; baby's tongue and palate fungal parasite irritating wounds that occur inside the mouth. 'Candida albicans' mushroom is. The appearance of thrush is in the form of white tiny lesions resembling milk fragments.

Is thrush dangerous in infants?

Thrush formation is common in newborn infants. It starts to be seen from the first week of birth.

You are right to be concerned about the occurrence of thrush around your baby's mouth; Because your tiny baby is always healthy and peaceful you want it to grow.

But you don't need to be scared, because you can be cured by appropriate treatment. When you pay attention, you will experience less of this problem.

This problem should not be bored as treatment is very easy; Because thrush is not a dangerous disease.

Only when the baby becomes cranky, uncomfortable, advancing painful it causes. When this occurs, it is necessary to focus on what can be done to treat it rather than panic. It is also important to know what you need to pay attention to in order to prevent thrush.

Causes Thrush in Infants?

There are several reasons for the occurrence of thrush in infants:

  • Firstly, the mother's vaginal fungal infection during pregnancy or birth is one of the reasons that trigger thrush in the baby.

This virus can be transmitted from a mother who gives birth to a normal baby and the chance of thrush in the newborn baby increases. In normal mother at birth infection can also pass to the baby.

This virus occurs in infants at the earliest 4 days, most of the time up to 1 week.
  • The antibiotic used by the mother or the baby thrush in babies mouth may occur.
  • Infants fed with breast milk nipple is unhygienic thrush can be seen. In bottle-fed infants, it is important that the end of the bottle is always disinfected. The same applies to pacifiers. The non-hygienic of the articles used invites the formation of an oral infection.

Breastfeeding Guide

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  • Vitamin deficiency (folic acid, B12 deficiency and iron deficiency) is one of the triggers of thrush formation.
  • Some food allergies in the baby may cause thrush. your baby allergic reaction Avoiding your baby from the foods it shows is important in the growth process.
  • Excessive sweet consumption of the mother or diabetes is effective in the formation of thrush.
  • Stress is sometimes one of the reasons that affect the formation of thrush in the mouth.

What are the symptoms of thrush in infants?

  • White spots appearing in the baby's mouth, tongue, palates, cheeks or gums
  • Decreased desire to eat, loss of appetite
  • Not wanting to suck, if he doesn't want to suck the bottle
  • Sucking and swallowing difficulty to live
  • Crying and cranky when you eat something
  • Although rare, fever

It is counted among the symptoms caused by the cottonseed.

You should be more attentive to your baby from the time you notice the occurrence of thrush. Although thrush is common in relatively newborn infants or in the first months, it is also likely to occur in older infants.

The mother may also feel the thrush symptom. You may suspect thrush, especially if you feel a burning or painful feeling on the nipple after breastfeeding the baby.

What should be done to prevent thrush in infants? You can watch our video.

Thrush Treatment How?

Thrush treatment is quite simple. It is not a permanent problem in the baby or the mother. To solve this simple problem, you should consult your baby's doctor. Your doctor may also recommend creams or mouth drops that you can use for your baby and yourself when diagnosed with thrush.

Mother and baby should be treated together when breastfeeding occurs. The reason of this; mutual possibility of infection is to destroy.

After breastfeeding the baby with the mother's nipple cream to prevent fungal infections will be taken.

For children older than 2 years, mouth lozenges are available. Using these lozenges you can eliminate the thrush problem.

In addition to drug treatment, there are some important points that parents should know. Thrush treatment is not a long-term compelling treatment.

From 1 week to 10 days it is possible to completely heal the canker in the baby.

Drug use is discontinued when it is decided that the fungus is completely destroyed. It can be painful when left untreated. Therefore, when you notice the development of thrush in your baby should immediately consult your doctor.

It is wrong to try to remove the thrushes from your baby by hand. You can disrupt the oral mucosa and cause more spread of cottonseed.

So you can cause more discomfort to your baby.

What can be done to prevent thrush formation?

  • It is important to strengthen the immune system in order to prevent thrush in infants. your baby immune system strengthening nutrients need to consume.

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  • It is necessary to monitor the oral and dental health of the baby. Hygiene should be given importance in order to prevent the thrushes in the babies mouth. Since babies cannot provide their own hygiene, there is a lot of work for the family. It is important that you frequently disinfect your baby's pacifier and bottle with boiling water. When your baby is a little older, you can provide oral hygiene by using baby toothpastes specially produced for babies.
  • If your baby is fed with breast milk, it is useful to clean your nipple with clean water. You can also use your own milk to clean the nipple. It is recommended that you wash your hands before breastfeeding your baby.
  • Occasionally, breast milk may flow spontaneously during the day due to excess breast milk. You may be using a breast pad to prevent milk from contaminating your laundry. In this case you should be careful to change your chest pad frequently. The breast pad, which is moist when milk flows, can cause fungi to form.
Because mushrooms likes humid and hot environments and proliferate in these environments. By changing your breast pad frequently and keeping your nipple clean, you prevent infection from mother to baby.

Can thrush be prevented in the womb?

If a fungal disease is detected in the mother's vagina, it can be treated before birth and prevented from passing to the baby during birth.

In general terms causes thrush in infants The answer to the question should be investigated well, but also if there is any discomfort and negative condition in the cervix, these problems should be solved until birth.

In this way, the thrush of the newborn baby or other problems that may occur may be prevented.

Keep in mind that it is in your and your baby's best interest not to ignore any problems you see during your pregnancy.

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