What Is Empty Pouch Pregnancy? What are the reasons?

What Is Empty Pouch Pregnancy? What are the reasons?

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Pregnancy (pregnancy) is a very different and exciting period for couples. When you want to have a baby, you expect to see double lines every month. When you get the expected result you are not happy; but sometimes things don't work out.

Pregnant women 15%pregnancy may not be completed for some reason. There are many reasons for this. One of these reasons, among the public water pregnancy also known as blank pregnancyTruck.

Well, this what is empty pregnancy and what are the reasons?

What Is Empty Pouch Pregnancy? and Empty Pregnancy

In a normal fertilization, the fertilized egg immediately begins to divide. First two, then four, eight and sixteen turns into a morula.

About five days after fertilization, it continues to divide and settles in the uterine wall. Meanwhile fertilized egghas become a large cell body called blastocyte.

Many women experience a spotting called implantation bleeding during implantation in the uterus. After this procedure, the female body begins to secrete pregnancy hormones, but in some cases embryo development this stops in the first weeks. In this case, pregnancy can no longer continue.

In short, empty sac sac, fertilized with an egg and sperm it is a condition in which the uterus forms a sac, but a baby does not develop.

In such a case, the pregnancy should be terminated by abortion or medication. Other than that, unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to maintain pregnancy.

What are the Symptoms of Empty Pregnancy?

You are usually pregnant 4-5. weeks, that is, two weeks after your ovulation. More precisely, that you are pregnant menstrual delay when you live.

Pregnancy tests tell you that you are pregnant. Your HCG hormone (pregnancy hormone) tells you by looking at the level.

In empty pregnancy, the pregnancy test will still be positive, even if this occurs, since the sac formation and hormone increase occur as in normal pregnancy.

Attention! Therefore, usually empty pregnancy cannot be detected in the first weeks of pregnancy.

Symptoms of a normal pregnancy in the first weeks;

  • Breast tenderness,
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Swelling
  • Weakness and fatigue can be seen in the form.

Everything about early pregnancy test! You can review our article.

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secreted estrogen and progesterone hormones therefore, these symptoms may occur even if there is water pregnancy.

The only shortcoming compared to normal pregnancy is that the embryo is not there. In some cases the empty sac sac;

  • Vaginal spotting or bleeding
  • Groin and abdominal pain

symptoms. These symptoms may indicate that the fertilized egg is aborting, but the final detection is still ultrasound.

How is Empty Pregnancy Diagnosed?

In some empty sac pregnancies, the pregnancy test is positive and the mother who does not experience any symptoms other than early pregnancy symptoms cannot immediately become aware of this situation; however, it can usually be diagnosed by observing that the sac is empty and there is no heartbeat on ultrasound at the first doctor's appointment.

This is the average pregnancy 8-13. weeks to (from the last menstrual date).

Sometimes the mother may experience miscarriage and cramps before she even knows she is pregnant, or immediately after performing a pregnancy test. In this case chemical pregnancy is called.

Why Does Empty Pregnancy Occur?

Women are very sensitive about pregnancy. Empty sac during pregnancy they may blame themselves or their spouses; however, there is no one to blame nor any precaution.

Empty pregnancy is in a sense natural selection; because most of the cells in these cases chromosomal abnormalities have identified. It was also concluded that genetic factors were also caused when abnormalities were not detected.

So poor quality sperm and egg this may be the cause.

Is Empty Pregnancy Repeatable?

Empty sac in pregnancy when pregnant again after experiencing the condition, there is, of course, the risk of miscarriage as in all pregnancies; but Im I had an empty pregnancy, will I live again? ” You should not panic. Most women who experience this problem have their next pregnancy in a normal way.

If the empty pouch pregnancy status is repeated repeatedly, your doctor will ask you tokaryotype analysis). If there is such a problem, it is possible to achieve a healthy pregnancy with IVF.

Is Empty Pregnancy and External Pregnancy Same Thing?

Empty pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy are two confused concepts. Empty sac in pregnancy, the sac, mostly settles in the uterus; but the embryo in it cannot develop.

See our article on false alarm ectopic pregnancy.

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In ectopic pregnancy, the embryo continues to develop, but cannot settle in the uterus. The embryo rotates around itself, outside the uterus, mostly into the abdomen, or into the tubes. cervical canal.

Since these areas are not suitable for the development of the baby, pregnancy should be terminated.

Empty sac pregnancy is often not immediately noticed, while ectopic pregnancy and intense bleeding and groin pain is seen. In addition, treatment in empty pregnancy can be performed by abortion, while treatment in ectopic pregnancy requires open surgery or laparoscopy.

How is Empty Pregnancy Treatment?

As mentioned earlier, treatment in empty pregnancy is usually abortion with the termination of pregnancy. Since the sac is hollow, unfortunately there is no way to maintain pregnancy. Apart from abortion, your doctor may also offer options such as expecting a natural abortion or terminating pregnancy with medications.

Surgical intervention may be difficult to get the baby.

Therefore, you may want to wait for the abortion to occur spontaneously; however, this decision will be made by your doctor based on your medical history and psychological condition.

When Can I Try to Get Pregnant After Empty Pregnancy?

Women who have an empty sac pregnancy problem will re-lay within two weeks of having an abortion. There is nothing wrong with these people trying to get pregnant again after their next menstrual period.

Even research women who experience empty pregnancy, they say that they are less likely to have a miscarriage in the next six months of pregnancy than other women; however, many women may not feel emotionally ready even if there is no physical problem during this time.

It may even take months for some women to survive this lost psychology. Whenever you feel ready, you can try to get pregnant again.

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