What Does Pelvic Ultrasonography, Smear Test and Torch Tests Mean?

What Does Pelvic Ultrasonography, Smear Test and Torch Tests Mean?

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What Does Pelvic Ultrasonography, Smear Test and Torch Tests Mean?

Having a baby is something that many women dream of. When the time comes, women want to realize these dreams.

Pregnancy sometimes occurs in a planned manner, but sometimes it may surprise you at unexpected times. Surprised pregnancies usually do not occur as a problem planned pregnancies more guaranteed. There are many reasons why we say that.

Because when we leave ourselves to the flow of normal life, we can have many mistakes or illnesses that are overlooked.

This is both to conceive as well as to the development of our baby For this reason, being prepared for pregnancy our own health as well as the health of our baby There is benefit to guarantee.

If you want to be a mother, you want to make sure everything goes well pre-pregnancy tests You may want to learn a little about.

We will refer to pelvic ultrasonography, smear test and TORCH tests respectively.

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What is Pelvic Ultrasonography and Why?

Here, the word pelvic may have come to you as a stranger. Pelvic means pelvis. The pelvis is the part of the pelvis.

Women in this region uterus, urine bag, ovarian and rectum located. Pelvic ultrasound is very important for the control of the health status of the organs in this sensitive and important part of women. Because pelvic ultrasound Many diseases can be diagnosed by the method.

Ultrasound One of the most curious issues related to the use of radiation is used in imaging. Because it is a method used in pregnancy follow-up rather than pre-pregnancy.

In this sense, you can be comfortable, because radiation on ultrasonography used.

Imaging in pelvic ultrasound is performed by sound waves. A special gel is poured on your stomach, the instrument head is moved around the pelvis, sound waves and Reflection image is obtained.

In some cases vaginal or rectally may need to be done. In addition, the flow in the vessels can be observed using the Doppler feature.

This technique can help diagnose many diseases. For example, there may be an idea about whether a mass in this region has cancer or if there is an abnormal condition in the baby if you are pregnant.

Pelvic ultrasound is usually;

  • In cases of severe pubic pain, suspected cyst,
  • If there is a mass or suspected disease in this area during the examination,
  • Low or after abortion In order to check the presence of any remains in this area,
  • In case of menstrual delay or pregnancy
  • It is made in order to have an idea about whether there are any obstacles before pregnancy.

Since pelvic ultrasound can give us many tips about gynecological diseases, it is a desirable examination during a planned pre-pregnancy examination. so ovarian and the state of your womband whether any cyst is involved.

If there is any problem, treatment can be started before pregnancy occurs and negative conditions can be prevented.

What is a smear test?

Smear test (smear test) Is a test that every woman over the age of 18 should take at regular intervals.

This test, which is deemed sufficient to be performed every 3 years until the age of 29, is done once every 3 years if it is performed alone after the 30th year, HPV test in conjunction with In 5 years one is enough.

Well, what is examined in the smear test, which provides the diagnosis of diseases, which conditions must be met before the test is performed and in which cases should be done, let's look together.

Smear test, Pap smear test or cervical smear test is a test used in the diagnosis of cervical cancer which is most common after breast cancer in women.

This disease is mostly sexually transmitted HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) infection, but it is therefore an issue that people with sexual experience should focus more on.

People who have HPV infection do not develop the disease immediately.

For this reason, it is of great importance to control at certain intervals in prevention of disease and early diagnosis. Considering that the infection takes more than 10 years to turn into a disease, the smear test you perform at the intervals mentioned above may prevent you from developing cervical cancer.

Before the smear test is taken, the examiner must meet certain conditions. These conditions;

  • The person to be tested has had sexual abstinence for at least two days,
  • Over the menstrual period 3-10 to be past,
  • No excessive inflammatory discharge or vaginal bleeding,
  • No vaginal douche, ie the vaginal area is not washed,
  • This is the absence of any vaginal treatment.

The person who meets these conditions smear test can be applied.

However, some women have developed a great fear of this test. Since the application is vaginal, they think it will hurt a lot. However, these are ear-filled information and in practice there is no pain or pain as feared.

Moreover 15 to 20 seconds The transaction is completed in a short time. The procedure is to obtain a secretion sample from the cervix tissue by means of a soft brush. This secretion is then spread on a slide. under the microscope It examined. Results can be obtained up to one week to see if there are any problems.

If the test has not been performed every three years smear Testing before pregnancy can keep you safe if you have any cervical disease.

Attention! Even if you don't think about pregnancy, you should take this test at regular intervals and ensure your health.

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What are TORCH Tests?

In the event of pregnancy, a certain number of infections to pass to the baby to prevent any disability TORCH test as the abbreviation.

It is much safer for the baby to be done before pregnancy. If it is not done before pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnancy be done within the first three months. Then together TORCH Let's see what the tests.


It is an infection transmitted by raw meat, unwashed vegetables and fruits, dirty food, cat droppings and cat litter. While being infected with healthy children and adults does not require any treatment, especially the first three months of pregnancy can have very dangerous consequences for the baby.

Others (eg Syphilis, Varicella Zoster, Parvovirus B19)

It represents germs such as syphilis, chicken pox, polio and gonorrhea that may lead to disability in the baby if it occurs during pregnancy.


It represents rubella virus. Occurrence during pregnancy, especially in the first three months of the baby may cause disability or miscarriage.

If you have not taken this microbe before, or if you do not already carry the microbe, vaccination should be taken.


It is a microbe called cytomegalovirus. Generally Up to 30 years immunity is gained.

If you have developed immunity to this microbe, there is no problem. However, if there is a germ during pregnancy, it may cause trouble for the baby.

Herpes Simplex

Herpes Simplex is a life-long germ that is inactive from time to time. Although it is a common virus, there are two different types that manifest itself around the mouth or genitals.

If it is present in the genital area, it can be passed on to the baby at birth.

We are talking about here pre-pregnancy testsIf it has not been done before pregnancy, it may be ordered by your doctor within the first three months of pregnancy. However, if there is a planned pregnancy, it is better to take your precaution!

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