The Importance of Sleeping Together with Your Child!

The Importance of Sleeping Together with Your Child!

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Here is an issue where families are in a dilemma and they cannot decide which solution is right; should I share my bed with my child and sleep together or make him sleep alone in his own bed? I'm not suggesting a solution here. What I want to do is to tell you the positive and negative sides of both ways. The decision is yours!

Almost every new baby has fears that if something happens to our baby while he sleeps or if he wakes up and cries while we sleep, we can't hear him. Therefore, the cradles of the newborns are taken to the parents' room. This makes it easier for the mother to wake up at night and respond to the wishes of her baby, as well as reduce fears. Of course, waking up at night became more regular and the fears of those first days were gone. So the baby is no longer moved to the room prepared for him. However, your baby, who is accustomed to sleeping with the smell of mother and father, will of course not like sleeping in a room alone and will cry. You will be dilemma as a parent; you will either leave your baby in the room crying to sleep - you will be torn apart - and you will beg God to get used to it or take it to your bed. A compassionate society like us will surely choose the second solution.

According to research there are scientists who look at both solutions positively. The reason for those who prefer the first solution is that the sleep of the mother and child is not only specific to humans, but is also seen in monkeys and chimpanzees. So this is a natural way. On the other hand, other scientists draw attention to infant deaths caused by sleeping together. Accordingly, 64 infants under the age of two are experiencing loss each year due to lying in the parent's bed.

When to reserve?

So when do you have to stop sleeping with you? The recommended limit for this is the age range of 2-3 years. One of the problems you will encounter in the meantime is that your child does not want it. But you must tell him that you cannot sleep with him forever and that he has his own bed and room. At first, events develop as follows. You take her to her room to go to bed and say “good night ve and leave the room. After a short while, your child starts to cry and says that he is afraid. You can't stand and stay with him and sleep together. But by doing so you can never get him to sleep alone. In that case, you should go to your child when he cries and tell him that you are with him, that you are in the room right away and that you can come as soon as he needs it. Wish Tekrar good night Tekrar again and leave the room. If she cries again, try the same way again so she knows you're not leaving her alone. He will get used to this order in a short time.

What to do?

By the way, you can help him by reading fairy tales before going to bed at night. Of course, it will be good to act in line with your child's interest when choosing a book or a fairy tale to read. He likes to listen to the fairy tales. You should also adjust the length of the book according to its age. A 15-minute fairy tale book for a 4-5-year-old will be long and distracted. If your child is tired of reading books, you can ask him to tell you a tale he loves. Remember, children like to show the things they know to adults and receive praise. Another nice way is that you can listen to her music or story tapes. Of course, the sound is low and the lights off or dim will create a sleeping environment.


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