Cesarean section

Cesarean section

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Cesarean section

One of the most worrisome situations for the expectant mothers is how the birth will take place. The pain, pain during the normal birth and the stories circulating among the public about this situation scare many women and lead them to cesarean delivery. At the beginning of the pregnancy, a mother who decides the normal birth type may change her mind with increasing stress and fear in the late pregnancy and choose cesarean delivery.

One of the most controversial issues today is whether the birth should be normal, vaginally or by caesarean section. Pregnant mothers have difficulty in making this choice. Normal delivery and cesarean delivery have their advantages and disadvantages. Each type of birth should be evaluated according to the condition of the expectant mother. It is correct to perform a caesarean section when there is a risk for the health of the mother or the baby.

   Cesarean section; It is the process of removing the baby from the mother's belly by surgery. The most important benefit is that the baby is not at risk during labor and can go out without oxygen. In cesarean section, hazards during normal delivery are almost not encountered. At the same time, the mother does not feel any pain and pain experienced during normal cesarean section due to narcosis. It is also possible to program birth advantages of cesarean section It is counted.

Disadvantages of cesarean section is the later recovery of the mother after surgery and the mother takes a long time to return to daily life. The mother heals much later than normal birth after cesarean section. Infants born by cesarean section may have problems in the respiratory tract after birth. At the same time, caesarean section delays infant interaction with the mother in infants. Infants born by cesarean section have lower breast-sucking success.

How to Decide the Birth Method?

After cesarean section, pain is much higher and lasts longer than normal delivery. Mothers with cesarean section may have abdominal adhesions due to surgery. This increases the risk of infertility in the future. In addition, caesarean section, although very rarely infection, bleeding and close to the uterus, such as bladder, bowel injuries can be seen in such organs.

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