Bloating during pregnancy and solutions

Bloating during pregnancy and solutions

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In the digestive system
gas usually occurs for two reasons. Gas formed as a result of ingestion of air
it is usually thrown out as belching. Meals eaten without digestion
gas released by bacteria in the intestines
descending from the large intestine. During pregnancy
smooth eyebrow cells relax due to progesterone hormone. This is the food
therefore it progresses more slowly and stays in the digestive tract for a longer time. With this
pressure on the gastrointestinal tract and stomach
Applies. Increased heartburn during pregnancy, indigestion and constipation
associated with it.

During pregnancy
meal choices are very important. Carbonated food and drinks for a pregnant person
This can be particularly problematic.

Which foods should be avoided?

sweeteners, especially diet soda should be avoided.

Beans, cabbage, onions,
broad bean, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, corn, pear, apple,
plum and peach are the fruits and vegetables that trigger the gas. Whole grain products,
Oats, milk, ice cream and cheeses have the potential to make gas. Each person
their response to food and beverages is different because bodies differ
It can vary.

What to alleviate or eliminate gas pains
It should be done?

-Slow food should be eaten.
The donuts should be thrown into the mouth and chewed at least 30 times. digestion
grinding takes place in the partial mouth and the better we grind it in the
The rate will be reduced to fewer missions.

- Heavy meals in the day
instead of frequent and little effort should be made to eat less.

-Don't talk while eating.
will prevent air ingestion.

- Liquid during meals
Try not to take. Abundant fluid consumption is correct, but this
Be careful not to spread all day.

- Drinks from the bottle.
not drinking from the cup will again prevent the ingestion of air.

Eliminate constipation or
will also prevent the formation of gas again.

- Legs in the air
remove the pressure of the baby from the abdomen when caught in an uncomfortable gas fit
digestion can be done more freely. Pregnancy pants
may be pressure on the abdomen, although elastic. Blow up your legs
you should take care to remove your clothes while comfortable.

- Move.
Gas-induced bloating can be discarded after walking. Movement
Sitting without causing gas to remain in the intestine and causes compression. This
to take action before the jam is allowed to turn into pain.
It will be relieved.

-Some people are stressed out and
they swallow too much air in tense situations. Proper breathing and relaxation techniques
gas retention can be prevented by learning.

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