How to get rid of hanging belly after birth?

How to get rid of hanging belly after birth?

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Some expectant mothers are unbalanced during pregnancy and
as a result of unhealthy diet gain extra weight. After the birth
Because metabolism works slower than pregnancy,
It is more difficult to get rid of excess weight taken during pregnancy than normal.
Therefore, to live consciously both during and after pregnancy
it minimizes the likelihood of an overhanging belly.

How should you eat?

Beans, red beans, chickpeas, lentils, cherries, cherries,
strawberries, blackberries, dried apricots, freshly squeezed juices of winter fruits lose weight
ranks among the most effective foods. Keeping these foods satiated
naturally prevents more than normal eating, and
prevents excess weight gain. Estimated consumption of 20 to 25 g per day
along with these foods, the consumption of fiber foods is also recommended. so
Excess edema in the body is thrown away from unnecessary fats. Fibrous
Excessive consumption of foods can cause bloating and discomfort. Besides this
It is also very wrong to stay hungry for long periods. Especially after you're hungry.
high fat carbohydrates and proteins consumed in the name of saturation
It is known to cause discomfort.

Drinking iced cold water may cause the body to warm itself up and
indirect means to lose weight. Decrease in blood pressure and menstruation
This method, which helps to overcome the pre-
and eat less. Alcohol during pregnancy as well as
then should be avoided. Increases the level of cortisol in beer and liquor and
it causes fat to accumulate around the navel. Especially with alcohol
excessive weight of chips and similar fatty foods consumed
will not help you get rid of.

Carbonated drinks other than water and other
you should remember that carbonated drinks inflate like a balloon. Salt in the body
its use is not recommended because of its tendency to retain water. Rock and sea salt
it is very important to use himalaya salt instead. No salt of the Himalayan
as it provides the minerals that the body needs

Nutrition as well as life conditions and mother's
exercise and sports in accordance with the physical nature is recommended. The whole body
Running swimming is often recommended to mothers after pregnancy. Anabolic
fat loss around the abdomen
it becomes easier and faster. Bike to tighten your basins
It is identical.

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