Hernia after pregnancy

Hernia after pregnancy

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hernia occurs in or near the umbilical
sizes can occur. This hernia is more common in women, especially pregnancy
understood by the woman during pregnancy.

umbilical hernia that should be right, umbilical hernia when bombed out
you can understand. Elimination of hernia in some women at the end of pregnancy
treatment for certain hernia in some women while getting up
is required.

During pregnancy,
The region where the hernia originates is a congenital weakness. Where the hernia occurs, baby
When the baby is in the womb, the cord that provides blood flow between the mother and the baby
where it enters the wall. This is also the case of cord stump drop.
It can be named. Then this zone closes completely and this closure results
umbilical hernia in children, closure and reopening in adulthood
As a result, an adult's umbilical hernia occurs.

hernias are abdominal wall hernias like inguinal hernias. So the only way,
It is surgery. Patch closure of all hernias including abdominal hernia

Because the patency of umbilical hernia is small, always patch
does not need to be used. Because these hernias are repaired with stitches only
provides a better view.

hernia is most commonly during periods of increased internal pressure, ie pregnancy or
In such cases, excess weight becomes apparent. If pregnancy
If umbilical hernia occurs in the process, with hernia suture during cesarean section
It is repaired. But repairs with these seams are always
risk of creating a large hernia. That's why caesarean section in pregnant women
such stitches are not recommended.

Hernia can be treated with open and closed surgery. Closed method
Because of the composite patches used in operations performed with
it is a bit more expensive than the other. The larger the diameter of the umbilical hernia,
The advantage of the closed method becomes clearer. Large hernias made off
The method is always more comfortable for the patient.

After surgery the patient can go home on the same day or the next day. Hernia Patch
There is virtually no chance of relapse. Umbilical hernia
if left untreated, there is a risk of strangulation of hernia.

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