Toxoplasma test before pregnancy

Toxoplasma test before pregnancy

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is a type of infection caused by microscopic parasites. Raw sausage and sausage
consumption of untreated infected meat, and parasite cat feces.
is taken into the body by hand.

Most people carry this infection, but no symptoms. But infection,
can pass through the placenta to the unborn baby. Go to the baby,
when affected, blindness, deafness and mental retardation
may occur. This infection also causes miscarriage and preterm labor.
It is responsible.

Prevent Toxoplasma in Pregnancy

- At home
cats, infected rodents and birds they eat.
infection. The infected cat looks healthy. This
Unfortunately, the parasites are also highly resistant to household cleaning products.
Even bleach can't cope with this parasite,
Can continue. Therefore pregnant women are definitely in contact with cat feces.
should not. Sand cleaning process, another individual in the house
It should undertake. Make sure your cat doesn't eat raw meat. Raw meat
wash hands immediately.

- Mother
Candidates are investigated for serological tests. İGG, ​​previously
a previous infection, and IGM, the current infection.
If IGG is positive and IGM is negative, the expectant mother
infection, but now does not carry this infection. If each
If both test results are positive, the test is performed again after two weeks.

- Early
If during pregnancy, the expectant mother is affected by toxoplasmosis, this infection
it is unlikely to pass on to your baby, but if it does
the risk of quitting is high.

- Your pregnancy
period, the possibility of infection from mother to baby

- Pregnant
If you close this infection while trying to stay, nothing will happen to your baby.

Toxoplasma Treatment in Pregnancy

candidate, as soon as the diagnosis of this infection is made, Spiramycin treatment
It starts. This method of toxoplasmosis
prevents the baby from passing. As long as this treatment continues,
In this way, IGM and IGG titrations are examined.

if the infection persists, a minimum of four
weeks later, cordocentesis should be performed. With this method, the unborn baby
cord blood is taken and toxoplasma IMG is investigated. If the result is positive,
together with family members about the continuation of pregnancy.

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