First relationship after pregnancy

First relationship after pregnancy

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After giving birth during the postpartum period, ie birth
during the first 6 weeks after
should stay away from sexual intercourse for reasons. However, the puerperium period
mother who feels ready for sexual intercourse after finished, doctor
After pregnancy check is ready for the first relationship after pregnancy.

Sexual reluctance after pregnancy is very normal
is a case. The main reasons for this are hormonal changes and
prolactin hormone. Prolactin hormone provides the secretion of milk
And hormones. After birth, more secreted and milk production for the baby
prolactin hormone, sexual aversion and
may cause the vagina to dry. In addition, sexual reluctance
Another factor affecting the aesthetic concerns. Because of aesthetic concerns
during self-dislike and lovemaking, the mother constantly controls her mind and body.
index. This may cause sexual life to be interrupted.
It happens.

Besides the factors that cause sexual reluctance,
birth, mental conflicts that the woman or man has suppressed until then.
and these problems can also cause sexual reluctance.

Why is there reluctance?

Pain during sexual intercourse after birth is one of the most common complaints.
Mothers who complain about this situation, the relationship between fear of pain
Can avoid. Even the pain is very severe, even vaginismus way
It can open. The most important cause of dyspareunia after birth is birth
sexual intercourse without the health of the mother
period is not expected to end.

Sexual reluctance mothers living relationship
they have arousal problems during pregnancy.
can not experience wetting. Painful sexual intercourse during vaginal dryness
it causes. It is one of the most common complaints in the mother who has given birth normally.
Sensitivity in the birth sac region, an infection that occurred in that region
or that the stitches do not heal correctly.

Pregnancy delivery, normal delivery or caesarean section
does not affect sexual life differently after birth.
However, the pain experienced during sexual intercourse after normal delivery is more frequent.
It is heard.

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