Vascular Changes in Pregnancy

Vascular Changes in Pregnancy

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Vascular dilations and blood circulation during pregnancy
It is quite normal to encounter related disorders. Palm
redness, fine capillaries, facial area and arms
redness, hot or cold flushing, edema, varicose veins
You may encounter.

The reason for vascular changes in pregnancy is very
high estrogen hormone. Hormone is the formation of new vessels throughout the body and
veins may also grow. Usually 2-5 months of pregnancy
after the start to be seen. Within 3 months after giving birth
It disappears.

Some of these vascular changes are varicose veins and capillaries.
vascularization, such as after birth, but did not improve permanently,
with treatment.

Said vascular changes are usually in the face area
and often in the neck region. Besides these belly and abdomen
can also be seen in the region. It is temporary that redness and vascular changes
treatment is unnecessary. Pregnancy with the reaction of hormones
continue throughout and regress after pregnancy. But the permanent ones
can be removed by cauterization or laser treatment.

Pregnant mothers are often referred to as varicose veins
due to complaining. Varices, later in the pregnancy,
the application of pressure on the veins of the uterus and the baby in which it continues to grow
The result is seen in the legs and genital area. Hemorrhoids formed in this process
vein dilatation caused by the same reasons.

If varicose veins are present in the family or before pregnancy
In the case of varicose veins should be treated more carefully. Predisposition
If there is, varices during pregnancy can cause inflammation and blockages. Arrival
and those susceptible to capillary formation, especially for expectant mothers.
it would make more sense to wear the varicose veins stockings produced.

This varicose vein is specially designed for pregnant women
socks should be worn each morning before getting out of bed. Leg muscles
strengthen and massage effect on the veins of muscle movements
walking to benefit will also be of great benefit. This little exercise
while resting with your legs above the level of the heart
extend will also help. Part of varicose veins after childbirth
there will be regression, but for non-healing areas, laser, sclerotherapy or
can be treated by surgical method.

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