Diabetes during pregnancy

Diabetes during pregnancy

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like, diabetes in the blood than normal
high sugar levels
as determined
is an inconvenience. Pregnancy in some women
prior to diabetes
available, some
In women, the high level of sugar in the blood occurs during pregnancy for the first time. This is called gestational diabetes. research
every 200 pregnant
pregestational in one
diabetes, plus gestational DM in five out of every 200 pregnant women.
diabetes in the process). If you have diabetes before pregnancy;
blood sugar during pregnancy
controlling your level may become more difficult than before. Changing your insulin hormone dose during pregnancy
Required. High in the blood
can. Overweight
and more problems during
There is a possibility. This
compulsory in infants
The risk of cesarean section is higher. Possibilities such as birth trauma and prolonged labor
higher for large babies. Diabetic patients before pregnancy
abnormal in infants
status of
risk of incidence. But
diabetes starting in pregnancy, such conditions in the baby
little or no relevant
There may be some
It is available.

Diabetes patient
mother with
the candidates
during pregnancy
risk of developing hypertension is high.
Risk of preterm birth increases
and sudden infant death may occur. Respiratory distress may occur after birth. Diabetic mothers delay the development of lung in children
Low blood sugar in infants
visible. Pre-pregnancy diabetes
dysfunction and as a result
growth retardation
may occur.
Diabetic mothers
The risk of infection of respiratory tract infections is increased.
Excessive nausea and
vomiting, infections
and some
medications diabetes
it can move further. The right treatment before and during pregnancy
Applying and regular
a healthy baby.
you are more likely.
Pregnant women
Symptoms of diabetes
the difference
and this will only be done.
assays can be understood.
Constant thirst,
weight loss, excessive
the need to eat,
and fatigue, etc. symptoms should be considered
and should be shared with the doctor.
A person with previous diabetes
woman pregnancy
during the disease
will be difficult to control
should be aware of. What are the ways to understand diabetes?

Glucose for diagnosis
loading tests are done. 24-28. weeks
all pregnant
50 g. glucose test.
50 g. Glucose loading test only
screening test.
Diagnosis of diabetes
not for diagnosis. 100 grams of glucose for those whose value is higher than 140
tolerance test is applied. Based on 100 grams of glucose test result
can be diagnosed as diabetes. This disease
sometimes single for treatment
diet is enough. Diet is not enough
insulin treatment can be started. Tablet-shaped sugar-lowering pregnancy
period are not recommended.

in patients
diabetes disorder
from birth
then it corrects. the birth of the baby
then this situation passes. Those with pre-pregnancy diabetes, after birth to their pre-pregnancy status again
will probably return. In subsequent years, there is a risk of developing diabetes in children.
Diabetic mother born
In children,
The risk of diabetes is increased 20-fold compared to non-diabetic mothers.
Mothers with diabetes while pregnant
in children
The risk of diabetes is 33%.

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