Itching and rash during pregnancy

Itching and rash during pregnancy

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Itching and
rash has happened to almost all of us, and sometimes our daily lives
disturbance. Each
during pregnancy, as well as such rash and itching period
There are many reasons.

What are the causes of rash in pregnancy?
differences in skin and hair due to hormonal change
Observed. Because of these physiological changes; nail changes, hair and
skin rashes occur. That's why pregnancy rashes normal during this period.

during pregnancy, growth of the pituitary gland and thyroid gland; pituitary and
increase in thyroid hormones. In addition, during pregnancy
progestone and estrogen secreted from the placenta or ovaries
increased, may cause a rash on your skin.

Why is itching during pregnancy?

Pruritus is the main symptom of skin diseases that manifest during the second period.
The metamorphosis in the body causes itching. Pregnancy
during the period of time, itching in the growing abdomen, breasts, legs
This is the main indicator of the rash that occurs during pregnancy.

Itching and
with rash; body puffiness, water collection in the skin, sometimes again puffiness
and itchy tissue disorders.

Types of itching during pregnancy

1- Pregnancy allergy: In this case
the level of itching is very high, and these itches are usually up to 35 weeks.
arises close. From the abdomen
starting, can spread to the whole body except the face area. Most in pregnancy
is a common rash. It does not pose a risk to your baby. Post-natal
rashes and itches disappear.

2- Pregnancy Itching: Itching
it causes red skin disorders in the body of you expectant mothers.
Rash ratio is higher in the arm and leg shadow. Any for baby
does not create a negative situation.

3- Skin Infection: Appeared after 4 months of pregnancy
itchy and inflamed itch. After your pregnancy, but passes
bear the risk for your baby.

4- Pregnancy Cholestasis: This kind of itching increases the amount of bile acid in your circulation.
increases the risk of serious rash, depending on your hormones
slows liver function even at risk of premature birth and death of the baby
risk. Although this kind of pruritus passes after pregnancy, for early detection
you should see a doctor in case of suspected rash

Most itchiness and rashes during pregnancy
it is common in mothers but these are both visually and emotionally.
disturbing. Remember stress and
morale can trigger this type of rash and itch. That's why
we repeat that in such cases, the shortest possible to find out the cause of the rash
Consult a specialist. Healthy days.

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