Clothing recommendations for expectant mothers

Clothing recommendations for expectant mothers

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Maybe you followed fashion, maybe fashion
you've always had to wear your own suits. We also know that your eyes on life
opener is not more important than your baby, but you don't want your pregnancy
comfortable as well as stylish?

Your pregnancy, your choice of clothes, albeit for a while
root will change. In the first 3 months of pregnancy, before pregnancy
during these months, you can continue to wear your clothes
reception will be low. But after the third month, your weight gain
It will be accelerated. Your abdomen will start to grow, your arms, your feet,
Your legs will begin to swell. So put your old clothes aside
you'll have to leave.

Clothes to avoid during pregnancy;

· Belts and belts to tighten your abdomen and waist

· Tight dresses

· Hard jeans

· Synthetic laundry

· Tight bras

· High-heeled shoes

· Narrow trousers, socks

Clothes that will provide you with comfort during pregnancy;

· Tracksuits

· Wide shorts

· Abundant t-shirts

· Comfortable dresses

· Combed cotton underwear

· Soft bras

· Sneakers, heels with a maximum height of 2-3 cm

The most suitable clothes for you and your baby's health,
how beautiful you can put together is your creativity
I have stayed. Maternity wear fashion is definitely worth following. your Pregnancy
you feel good, stylish and beautiful during your
to make you happy as well as comfort of your clothes
Take care.

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