Mother's dental health affects baby

Mother's dental health affects baby

Istanbul Orthodontic Clinic Specialist Dr. Ceylan Alioglu Uludag, mouthful of mothers and expectant mothers to give advice.
Every time a mother takes care of her children, she's special. However, some mothers prefer to look at their offspring from a distance and not to laugh with them. The only obstacle to this very special sharing is preventable, oral and dental disorders. Specialist Ceylan Alioğlu Uludağ Reminding that mothers should not neglect their routine controls in three months to avoid oral and dental health problems during pregnancy. Leave long and complicated procedures to the postpartum period during pregnancy. ”

Prospective mothers endanger their babies

Emphasizing that the mothers' mouths and teeth affect not only themselves but also their babies, Uludağ emphasizes that memiş Untreated deep bruises may affect both the health of the mother and the baby as a source of infection that can spread all over the body., He also states that the lack of health care.

Changing hormones cause bleeding gums

Specialist ULUDAĞ, the second trimester of pregnancy, which is the most appropriate period of pregnancy, 3-6. months. “We advise our mothers to avoid x-rays in the first 3 months and not to have treatment unless compulsory. It is better to leave long and complicated procedures in the post-natal period. Ulu During pregnancy, the second month of pregnancy from the increase in hormone levels and oral hygiene deterioration of the gums due to frequent occurrence, he says, during this period, mothers to have good oral hygiene to brush their teeth at least twice a day and recommend flushing with dental floss.