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Pay attention to the selection of shoes for your child!

Pay attention to the selection of shoes for your child!

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Foot health problems in children are divided into two groups as congenital and non-congenital. One of the most common problems is developmental flatfoot, stepping in, and congenital crooked foot problems. Anadolu Medical Center Orthopedics and Traumatology Department Specialist. Contact Yener directlyprovides important information about these issues.

Research, about 60-70 percent of children showed that developmental flatfoot can be observed. Yener Early states that developmental flatfoot is usually associated with slight ingestion and this condition spontaneously improves over time without any treatment.

Another problem that is frequently seen in children is the stepping in. Yener Early: çocuk If the child has a problem of ingestion, the problem usually corrects by the age of two. No special shoes or exercises are needed. Children who do not improve their ingress until the age of two need to undergo a thorough examination to find out why. ”

The most common congenital foot problem is crooked foot (Pes equinovarus). Yener Early; Inda In congenital crooked foot disease, babies are born with their feet inward. It is a serious problem, and early treatment is very important. Plaster treatment should be started while the tissues are still flexible in the newborn period. The success rate of plaster treatment is over 90 percent. Surgical treatment is applied in severe cases that are unsuccessful, inadequate or too late. ”

What should parents pay attention to?

Early detection of foot problems in childhood is very important. Therefore, families have a big duty in this regard. Parents should consult an orthopedic surgeon at an early stage when they discover that their child has a problem with flatfoot or intubation.

What are the points to consider when choosing shoes for children?

- Shoes for children should be comfortable, light, flexible and easy to wear and remove.

- The shoe should support the heel by fully wrapping it, should be compatible with the width of the comb part of the feet and must not squeeze the foot.

- The inside of the shoe should support the inner curvature of the foot.

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