Ways to strengthen your child's immune system

Ways to strengthen your child's immune system

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The immune system is responsible for protecting the body against microorganisms in the environment. The body is fighting against diseases through this system. International Hospital Pediatric Specialist Dr. Şeyma Şeyla Cüneydi “Childhood period, especially in the age of 1-3 years is the lower level of our immune system.” He shares with you the points to be considered for a strong immune system.

A person is most often ill during infancy and childhood. The most important reason for this is the low physiological resistance between the newborn period and 1-3 years in children. However, it is possible to spend those periods more comfortably with a number of supports. Dr. Cüneydi beslenme Nutrition, genetic characteristics can affect the immune system in a number of diseases and treatment processes (eg cancer, rheumatic diseases). For example, being in extreme hygienic environments prevents the development of the immune system and increases the potential for allergies. There is also a genetic predisposition to certain infectious diseases in families. Frequent upper respiratory infections, frequent urinary tract infections and frequent bowel infections are examples. ”

What to do?

Childhood, especially 1-3 years of age when our immune system is at a low level. Unlike weakening of the immune system, there are some precautions to be taken to strengthen. Dr. Cüneydi lists them as follows:

• Do not raise your children in an extremely hygienic environment
• Take care of proper and balanced nutrition
• Take enough time to sleep
• Try to keep your child as stress-free as possible.
• Do not use uncontrolled medication (especially antibiotics).
• Remember that each infection and post-infection period is the period in which the immune system is declining.
• In winter, increase the measures during periods of warm and cold differences and stress periods.
• Use natural products that strengthen the immune system within the knowledge of the physician.

Drugs that strengthen the immune system

When we look at the train in the world, we see that natural immune-strengthening nutritional supplements such as Beta-Glucan are frequently used in European countries, especially in American society, in order to increase body resistance during periods of high risk of infection. Dr. CA Morning "What are your thoughts on this trend in Turkey effects?" Answers the question as follows: "B-glucan name of the item on Turkey 'I think it is a positive approach. It's a molecule that's accepted in the pediatric community. The reason for these considerations are clinical observations with literature knowledge, naturalness of product and experience gained. Children can also use it because it reduces the unnecessary use of antibiotics and increases the quality of life due to the decrease in diseases and increases the body resistance against microorganisms during the adult period when school period is healthy. Okul

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