Route virus does not neglect

Route virus does not neglect

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Diarrhea is one of the most important health problems especially in developing countries. It is estimated that around 125 million cases of diarrhea occur each year in the world, of which 10 million children die of diarrhea. A significant portion of these deaths are due to diarrhea caused by viruses. Route What the virus is, how it is treated Exp. Dr. We learned from Fazlı YILMAZER.

What is Route Virus? Which age group affects?

Rota virus, which is accepted as the cause of death of nearly half a million children every year in the world, is the most common type of diarrhea especially in childhood. Rota virus diarrhea is responsible for six percent of all under-five deaths and almost all children in the world suffer from Rota virus disease in the first 2-3 years. Most of the deaths occur in underdeveloped countries due to lack of supportive care. In developed countries, diarrhea cases are being treated in the hospital because only 40 percent of cases are infected with Rota virus.

In which months is the most common?

The route virus can cause diarrhea outbreaks all year round, but in mild climates such as our country, it causes epidemics between October and April, especially in December and January. In the studies conducted in our country, it is seen that 60 percent of diarrheas in the winter months and 30 percent of them are connected to Rota virus all year. Although there are dozens of types, Rota is responsible for 95 percent of the virus diarrhea seen in humans.

How is Rota Virus infected?

The route virus is transmitted by drinks and food, usually taken orally. However, despite the application of all hygiene rules, transmission may not be prevented and may be transmitted by other means, including the respiratory tract. It is particularly difficult to prevent outbreaks because it is a virus resistant to conventional water chlorination techniques. Rota virus outbreaks spread more quickly in homes, nurseries, kindergartens, nursing homes and hospitals.

What is the incubation period of the virus?

Incubation period is very short and 1-3 days. Vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and fever are the most common complaints. The most important problem in the disease, which causes a picture of illness that lasts for 7-10 days in children, is shock and remittance cases due to vomiting and diarrhea due to excessive water and salt loss.

What is the diagnosis and treatment?

Diagnosis of the disease is based on the history and examination findings as well as the examination of the particles of the virus, especially in stool examinations. The aim of treatment is to keep the child dehydrated. In treatment, children are often given small amounts of fluids orally. Salt-sugar mixture may be recommended for treatment. If adequate oral intake cannot be achieved, it may be necessary to hospitalize and administer serum, especially in the young child. It is very important that the baby who is breastfed continues to breastfeed.

Despite all the hygienic measures taken in developed countries, Rotavirus diarrhea could not be prevented, difficult and costly to treat, especially in risky groups because of life-threatening vaccine development studies have been done for years and first developed in 1998 after a vaccine in the US has been removed from the application on suspicion of increasing the knotting.

What can be done to protect?

• Clean your own hands and especially your children's hands very well
• Do not share your forks, knives, glasses, plates with others.
• Separate your towels
• Try not to contact the sick
• Find out what type of water is made from the ice you put into your drinks
• Avoid raw food, especially when touched with bare hands
• Do not eat raw meat and fish
• Take care of the cleaning of items such as bottle caps used by children

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