What kind of mother are you?

What kind of mother are you?

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I want to express my feelings for my son BERKE (My Love) rather than my birth memories. If my article is published, it will be a good memory for me and my son. I would like to thank you for the information that your site (), which I started as a mother candidate and which I am currently benefiting from, has given me and I wish you continued success.

My second letter to my son (Berke), who is now 15 months old, was the first one before birth. ((It is so little to Berke to show emotions physically or verbally that I wanted him to be something concrete for you.)

First of all, I would like to talk about BERKE, the hero of my emotions, and I thank God for making me feel these feelings and I wish everyone who wants to taste this feeling from Allah.

My little boy, sugar or sugar, min. weight gain due to excessive mobility this min. trying to lose weight, never standing in place, especially after the crawling period in the period of walking I call it running period, because I have never seen you walk with small steps. Berke is trying to discover everything right now, of course we have started to struggle with the great dangers, especially his area of ​​interest in the field of electrical and electronic equipment, perhaps one day (in the future) creates a new device I hope.

Dear son,

It was like yesterday when you came; but when you think about what we have experienced since then bu. (When you say you'll grow up, in front of me trying to understand me and trying to express himself against a egg, if the time stops a little bit if I live today, I sometimes say I'm jealous of the time I could not be with my son, (especially myself working mothers) then I say little but good quality it's more important to spend time… with Berke, we make good use of our time at every opportunity. Duy My emotions are so intense that I can write a little messy as I come to mind when writing kus (I think mothers will understand me.)

The happiest days of my life, the most confused, saddest, most desperate days (God gives health and longevity, I hope… because I'll never end with you for the life of my life) as if it was the first time with you, but I live with you and learn these things with me They were the most beautiful firsts for.

It wasn't easy to get to know you, before I was born, I thought we'd get along very well. Because before we were born, our communication was easier, we got along better, your reactions were less, but now I'm trying to get to know you by examining everything you do, every reaction, and I'm happy and proud of everything I've learned about you.

All the information I had about a baby's growth before birth, all the books I read, and what my elders said didn't help you, because that was a very true statement: YOU WAS A SPECIAL BABY AS YOU HAVE. First of all, I had to accept it, but it wasn't easy, because being the first grandchild of the family, it wasn't easy until we knew and raised you by applying what I learned (Annane + Grandma) and what I learned to you. Büyüt

We were trying to get to know you and to introduce ourselves to you with the advantage of being together at a time when the first emotional bond between mother and baby is very important, even if it is a short time on my maternity leave (4 months). Even though we had laid a little foundation, we understood that for us, knowing each other was a part of life that would never end.

I tried to express Berke and my feelings in a very concrete way.

May Allah give all children and all of us healthy, unwarranted peace-filled long lives, I hope.

I compare the life of my child after birth to this; We have a beautiful flower, we want to grow it and make a garden, even more labor and botany, and we promise that we will do our best to make it a lifetime.

The best gift of our lives, happy birthday we love you very much. May Allah Berke and all the children live with his family for many years. I hope all children grow up peacefully in generations without war ş

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