15 Solutions for Nausea in Pregnancy

15 Solutions for Nausea in Pregnancy

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What Causes Nausea During Pregnancy?

Geb Beta HcG hormone, which we call the growth hormone of the baby starting from the 6th week, increases in blood and some complaints begin to develop. These include nausea that begins violently in the morning and repeats during the day; loss of appetite, vomiting, burning in the stomach, reflux. In the meantime, fatigue due to rapid weight loss, fatigue, mineral, vitamin deficiencies may develop. This usually lasts until the 12th week. 12. Losing weight until the week does not harm the baby's development. Generally, after the 12th week, nausea ceases and the mother's nutrition, appetite and weight gain are expected to reach the ideal levels during the period when the baby's nervous and mental development begins.

Here are the first three months of nausea, although the baby does not harm the mother to prevent this nausea, the mother to relax the remedies:

15 Solutions for Nausea in Pregnancy

  1. Pregnant mothers chew very well what you eat. Never swallow any food until it is pure.
  2. Don't skimp on yellow, low-salt or preferably salt-free chickpea.
  3. Have at your fingertips no additive, preferably rye crisps, sticks.
  4. For snacks, one can be thrown into the mouth one by one and slowly chewed nuts.
  5. For low-salt buttermilk as a beverage in snacks.
  6. For snacks, you may prefer unsweetened milk that is not too hot or too cold.
  7. Avoid sugary drinks, as these may increase nausea.
  8. If you have only nausea, burning in the stomach, if you do not have reflux complaints during the day, put a lemon slice into the drinking water, squeeze a little into.
  9. If you are in season, green tangerine has the ability to cut nausea and can also be used in water like lemon. It can be added to foods made with boiled roasted vegetables.
  10. Eat one kind of food in one sitting at meals. Do not force the stomach capacity.
  11. Raw salads are consumed, if you eat, chew very well.
  12. Bulgur is also absorbing stomach acid. Provided that it is chewed very well, the stomach helps prevent nausea and reflux.
  13. Avoid spicy foods such as sesame seeds, flax seeds, bran of whole foods, which may stick to the tiny granular stomach wall.
  14. Take liquids such as soup, buttermilk, water at a snack and do not force the stomach capacity.
  15. High-waisted, tight clothing can trigger nausea and reflux by creating pressure on the stomach. Prefer more abundant, low-waisted clothing.

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