Pesticides and children

Pesticides and children

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Pesticides can be used both in agriculture and at home. Pesticides are very important for child health. Because children are much more sensitive to the effects of pesticides and various pesticides than adults. I will talk about the reasons for this in longer paragraphs. Children are exposed to pesticides in two ways. The first is sudden intoxications, the second is long-term exposure, poisoning.

First, let's look at acute (sudden) poisoning; It is known that up to 1 million children a year are poisoned with pesticides. Most children under 6 years. Most of this happens at home. When you look at newspaper reports the news, we see Turkey as much pesticide poisoning. Most of the time, the pesticides that are inadvertently in the middle are drunk, or children squeeze into their hands and put their hands in their mouths. The consequences of sudden pesticide poisoning are severe.

Long-term exposure is quite frequent especially in uncontrolled use of pesticides such as our country. Even in the more strictly controlled European Union, there have been reports in the newspapers that there are close to 140,000 tonnes of pesticides per year and that there are around 280 grams of toxic drugs per capita.

Why do pesticides affect children more? (This applies to all environmental poisons actually) It has a few different mechanisms.


The effects of environmental poisons are determined by breathing air per kilogram, drinking water and eating food.

Children are smaller in size and breathe more air per kilo, consume more water and eat.


Children are more susceptible to the toxic effects of pesticides as the nervous system is developing.

As the digestive system and urinary system are less developed, the excretion of toxic substances becomes more difficult. It's harder for the body to purify itself.


Children are closer to the ground. They like to play close to the ground. They can be exposed to pesticides while playing in playgrounds in the grass. And they're more likely to put everything in their mouths.

What happens when children are poisoned with pesticides? In acute poisoning

Headache, dizziness, muscle contraction, weakness, fainting, nausea and vomiting symptoms are seen. Taking too much can be fatal.

In long-term or chronic intoxications, when exposed to the womb, birth defects, organ damage, learning disabilities can be seen. The fetus's brain is severely affected (because these drugs are already acting to kill the insect's brain.) When the child is exposed, it can also affect the brain. It can cause learning disabilities. May cause asthma. It can also cause other childhood cancers with leukemia and brain tumors.

What to do?

The most important solution to this issue is through agriculture and health policies. Pesticides need to be controlled and sold well. Turkey is in any place you can use as you take the pesticides. Again, pesticides also need to control. Controlled sale of pesticides is also important.

Pesticides and pesticides in the house must be locked in lockers to ensure that children can not reach. (The excuses are not correct as he does not open the cabinets at all because the children may not be certain what to do.) When you go to a new home, these toxic substances must either be removed or the child is constantly supervised.

It would be ideal if we could get the fruit and vegetables from farmers who do not use uncontrolled transport drugs, but this is often not possible. In organic foods (if the organic rules are strictly applied) the pesticide is not absent, but it is ten times less than other foods. So I think it's a good solution to eat organic food.

Eating fruits and vegetables by peeling their shells, or brushing their shells with a food brush can be meaningful in terms of discarding pesticide residues.

Wishing you nice, healthy food

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