Tibetan Baby tells about his journey to Europe

Tibetan Baby tells about his journey to Europe

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"Meyaba (Hello)"

I'm a naughty little boy who likes to go to a horse as much as any baby.

I am currently 22 months, 21 days, 14.5 kg and 94 cm tall. From the moment I started walking, I love to stir up every place where my mind blows as a small tornado.

My name is "me." But those around me call me "Tibetan plane tree". My father and mother decided my name when they went to Nepal after cycling Iran Pakistan India India tour.

They wanted me to be as distant as Tibet, clean and less touched, as peaceful as Tibetans, and respecting every living thing.

My mother was in Iznik in Turkey Davui is one of the oldest plane Kayseri second I get my name in there because it's exactly the opposite sycamore grow at home.

They wanted me to be as strong and long-lived as plane.

My mother is İnci 34 and my father Soner is 35 years old, but it is not difficult to say that they are childlike.

Everybody asks ours; Will Tibet remember this? My father always says the same thing: "Akira Kurusava remembered the age of 1, there is no reason for Tibet not to remember."

I probably will not remember going to Basel, visiting the castle of Esztergom, the siege of Vienna that my father will tell me, the dishes my mother makes every evening in the small gas furnace, the French Croissants I will try for the first time, and the architectural wonders of Prague.

But the meaning of sleeping in the tent, feeling the wind on your face while cycling, you can also have fun by not getting into the house when it rains and getting wet under the light. I am sure that I will learn to contribute to the protection of the future of the world with sport. I would like to thank my parents for their efforts in this critical age that will shape my personality and for e-baby for supporting this adventure and saying evet yes you can, we believe you, we are everywhere we have the baby ".

Throughout this journey, you will sometimes see me in the baby seat, striking me on my father's back, giving him tempo, sometimes sleeping in my trailer or tent. According to our plans, my daily routine will hardly change, I will stay out even longer, I will see more places, more animals and more fun.

If you want to walk with us for 2 months and thousands of miles, see my mischiefs, hear new words I learned, live this adventure from my eyes and learn something from this long "atta", you can follow me here.

"Ipet Cina (Tibetan Sycamore)"

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