The secret miracle in the cord blood!

The secret miracle in the cord blood!

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By storing cord blood, you can make an important option for the treatment of serious health problems that your child will face in the future.

Medicine has a potentially powerful weapon against many genetic diseases that have not taken any precaution until a very short time ago: Stem Cell. Stem cells from cord blood of newborn babies are stored, providing an important option for the treatment of most severe illnesses that may occur in advanced age.

Acıbadem, which closely follows the developments in stem cell therapy, established the first private cord blood bank of our country that serves both patients and healthy people.

What is Cord Blood?

The exchange of nutrients and oxygen between the baby and the mother in the womb is provided by the placenta. The baby is tied to the placenta by the umbilical cord. Shortly after the birth process is completed, the placenta completes its task and is thrown out of the uterus. The blood remaining in the umbilical cord after the birth of the baby is called Kan Cord Blood ”. The baby's cord blood is a rich source of “Stem Cells.. So what do stem cells do? Stem cells are a group of cells that are found in many tissues and are capable of changing and forming other tissues of the body.

How is cord blood taken?

The process of collecting cord blood which lasts only a few minutes; simple, safe and painless application. As it is known, the umbilical cord is tied and separated immediately after the baby is born, and if the cord blood is to be collected immediately after this separation, the blood in the cord attached to the placenta is collected into the blood bag containing anticoagulant by means of a system in a special kit. The collected blood is sent to the cord blood bank laboratory within 36 hours. It is frozen in liquid nitrogen by special methods. These frozen cells can then be thawed and used for treatment.

Who Should Hide?

There are two different opinions about this application. Some researchers advocate this practice only in infants of families with a history of disease that may require marrow transplantation in their families; In Turkey, the cord blood stem cell transplantation for diseases that can be treated saklanmaktayk, storage is made for healthy people in Acibadem Cord Blood Bank.

If You Want to Hide de

Before the birth, the earliest possible time should be notified to the Cord Blood Bank and the physician who will have the baby delivered, and the necessary preparations should be made. In this way, the baby's cord blood can be easily stored with the necessary materials and documents ready at birth.

Some Diseases in which Cord Blood Can Be Used in Treatment:

Blood cancers, leukemia, lymphomas and some other types of cancer. Bone marrow diseases. Hereditary blood diseases. Anemia. Immune deficiencies. Congenital metabolic disorders It has been extensively investigated for its use in various diseases with organ damage.

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