Daddy, where are you?

Daddy, where are you?

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Daddy, are you Bered?
Author: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sefa Saygılı and Ali Çankırılı (Pedagogue)
Publisher: Türdav

An indispensable but neglected person in the growth and personality formation of his child. For some reason we have always focused on mother-child relationships and neglected fatherhood. However, the duty of the father is as important as the mother's.
This book understands the father and fatherhood.

Section 1
Understanding the Child
Getting to know the child
Child Developmental Circuits
Single Cell to Human
From Birth to Three Years
From Four to Seven
Improvement of Nervous System and Senses
Mind Development
Socialization and Sense of Morality
Child Hates Advice
Seven Age Depression
Wise Gardener
Third Childhood (8-14 years)
Adolescence (14-18 years)
Section 2
Educating the Child
Father Model in Child Identity
The Power of Traditions
If the Father Takes the Role of the Father
Fear of children
Ambitious and Workaholic Fathers
Father Figure Indispensable
Caring for Children
Do fathers spend enough time?
Does Father Image Change?
Should Father Image Change?
Fathers are also profitable
Need for Father
Ahmet's Drama
Erdi's Depression of Sexual Identity
Child Wetting His Bed
How does the child know that they are loved?
Young in Social Phobia
Why Is My Son Not Religious?
My Father Doesn't Even Love Me
The Smart Boy whose name is lazy
Fatherless Children
Section 3
Protecting from harmful habits
Alcohol Fathers and Their Children
Alcohol and Children
How to start smoking
Young People in a Drug Trap?
I wonder if my child Drugs
Does he?
How Can I Protect My Child from Drugs?
Father Who Drugs His Child
What to do?
Appendix: My Father Master Ben Kalfa (Poetry)

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