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My child's sign

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Coach child (21 March - 20 April):
A baby screaming to attract attention, of course, the baby ram ... Compared to other babies hasty, talk quickly, will walk quickly. You will be forced to handle, difficult times await you, this little one will try to prove his stubborn personality when he is younger. So accidents can happen at any moment. Of course, the interventions will not light him up. As you show love, you will forget your anger because he loves the show of love. When you have a job, you prefer not to leave it to anyone, it can make people give up. Since he is generous, he will not have difficulty sharing. But they can give up generosity if they don't want to. They can get out of class when they're little, but if they pay attention, they'il learn everything. He will probably be a good reader of books. When they are praised, they succeed, if you act aggressively, they lose their working power. His imagination is strong, tough, practical, idealistic and imaginary dır Impatient, he will hurry to open his birthday presents. You usually get what you expect from them. If you keep him busy with things that interest him, they'il get you into less trouble. He may have superstitions when he grows up because of his imagination. When he was little, he believed in fairies and witches and lived in fairy tales. Give him all your affection and love, and the only way to deal with his rebellious character is to drown him in love.

Taurus child (April 21 - May 21)
Although she is a stubborn baby, it is fun to raise her. Taurus children are generally strong and healthy. Men; naughty, playful and durable, girls are regular, playing children who love to play. They don't always sit and play with dolls, you can also see them marching on the street with boys or climbing trees. Because of their durable structure, they are also spiritually balanced. Occasionally, despite their stubbornness, they do not break and offend quickly, do not engage in aggression, and do not undergo emotional depression. They like to play and play in their own way, and if you reach them, they become belligerent. They can object to discipline and orders. You expect to make reasonable explanations. Due to its delicate structure and sensitivity to colors and sounds, bright, striking oranges and reds make it uneasy, but even more shades of tones and blue tones calm it. Music talent can also be explored at an early age to receive sound and instrument training. They become successful and orderly in school life, they do not forget easily learned. They help you with the housework, and when they grow up, they have a more decent, calm structure with sitting characters. Just wrap them with love…

Gemini child (May 22 - July 23)
They are very active babies, they learn to walk and talk quickly. You can probably be very tired all day long when it starts crawling. But even in this case, the twins baby should not be limited. Restriction of freedom may lead to depression. It can be a very noisy child, because the vocal cords are strong. Since their imagination is wide, they constantly run to realize them. They are very clever, memorizing memories are strong. Their fingers are thin, long and flexible, so they are prone to manual dexterity. Even at a young age they are humorous, with imitation abilities. They use color of imagination to describe events. So much so that even they themselves believe that they make it up. They can do a lot of work at the same time, learn everything quickly, they don't want to continue on the same job. it may be good for them to study foreign languages ​​at an early age.

Cancer child (June 22 - July 23)
This baby often changes his temperament, he likes to eat, drink, get different tastes and see different colors. They are very cute, funny creatures. They like to give different expressions to their faces, their emotions are colorful and varied. Aside from being shy, he wants to be hugged and loved. You can play for hours on your own. But he needs you to be with him because he's afraid of so many things. You need to spend time with him and help him pass his fears. If you cannot overcome these fears at an early age, it can cause mental problems later in life. They can be skeptical, vindictive, distant people. Since they can't bear to be disliked, you must constantly show them their positive aspects, believe in how handsome, intelligent, and beloved he is. They have verbal achievements in classes, especially remembering dates and events. There's nothing they can't imagine. Often their worries are the product of this dream. When they're really sad, they don't talk, they don't talk. Instead of spending money, they are children who save, try to pay for themselves at an early age, and will dive into the business world earlier than other children. They are quite playful, entertaining, but when they think they are being mistreated they can avenge this from the weaker people. Even if he leaves his home, he will often come back, and when he does, he will want everything in the past to be in the same place.

Child of Leo (July 24-August 23)
When left to himself, he can be cheerful and pleasant, and if not, he can be angry and aggressive. Or it could get inside. Keeping him under pressure will cause negative reactions to his mobile structure. Especially in others to scold, humiliate, give orders to break the pride, or even you may be opposed to. They learn quickly, they are intelligent, but they may not be eager to learn. Praise for their accomplishments or feeling obliged to compete destroys the butembellism. They attract people's attention with their sympathetic, charming, typical lion appeal. When it comes to money, they are generous and they like to spend. The discipline you apply to him is soft, constant and requires patience. No matter how brave it may seem, there is fear in the heart of the little lion. Wrap it with all your affection and love.

Virgo child (24 August-23 September)
She is a peaceful and calm baby, but she is in a hurry. When he's young, he starts choosing food. It will be fun to raise this child because it will be a tidy child. Besides, it will be like mercury in a heavy-headed, quiet family. She's a good companion to her mother in housework. They do what they say because they are not rebellious, they do not cause problems. They succeed in school life. They are friendly, reliable, resourceful. Theater, books, artistic works attract them at an early age. Research fans want reasonable grounds to believe some information. He can never show love. You must physically show your love to him. They are not extravagant children and will always observe the situation of their families and will not neglect to be sparing. His speeches are very mature and wise. He needs rest. He does not indulge in the interest shown to him. Do your imagination, and when it grows, it will be effective in establishing its emotional balance. He's a little realistic, but he doesn't forget to look at his star at night and sort his wishes.

Children of Libra (September 24-October 22)
She's a beautiful, cute, dimpled baby. Don't make him choose, he's pretty unstable. If he has to make a quick decision, that's worse. He is not stubborn, just indecisive, and rushing makes him even more indecisive. They are kind and fair. They want to know the truth and are afraid of making the wrong decisions. The shades of blue and pastel colors soothe her, while bright, vibrant colors make her psychic balance jumble. Don't talk to him louder, he's very sensitive, and every sound will scare him. It requires peace and quiet. They have a very charming charm, which usually makes them spoiled. In school life, these spoiled children have to struggle to maintain balance. They are intelligent, logical children, they like to argue. I like to discuss an idea, a fact to get all aspects of positive to negative. They are clean and tidy. He has art talents.

Scorpio children (23 October-22 November)
They like tough wars, they don't like to compromise, they want to win. They are cynical and outspoken but prefer to hide their own thoughts. They get angry quicklywhen they don't want to. At a young age, you must show him tenderly who you are. They are firmly attached to their loved ones and friends, and behave very hard and cold to people they do not like. They have a very easy-to-understand intelligence, but they cannot do it without attracting the forbidden things. Don't force it in choosing a profession because your nose will go straight and will not listen. He will be one of the best in his profession, whatever his profession. Prepare the environment so they can energize. Help him to restrain his excessive interest in each subject. Rebuke, some jokes can have a negative effect on him.

Sagittarius child (23 November-22 December)
They never grow, they are cheerful, caring, friendly little creatures. She can't stand loneliness. They are honest children and oppose the mistakes of their parents, otherwise they can give up being docile. He's not rebellious, but your desires have to make sense to him. They like to move around. They're quite curious, they want to know everything, they question. They are wasteful about money, probably not enough money, they should be supervised. If you show him that you trust him, he will not mislead you, he will do all the work, it is important to be honored. They have a serious interest in religion. Of course, as the age of religion will begin to question. He is a happy, optimistic, independent, honest bow child.…

Capricorn (23 December-20 January)
Stubborn, ambitious and persistent little creatures can go far enough to annoy their mothers. Maybe he doesn't make a fuss to get what he wants, but he knows how to get what he wants. He will start to create his own order from his toys and make that order intact. They love family life and prefer to spend time with people at home instead of traveling outside. Responsible for the lessons. Slow and continuous learning demands may challenge your teachers' patience, but they are determined and attentive. They are obedient, hardworking and reliable minors. He won't make a fuss to show his achievements, and you can often hear his achievements from others. They pursue romantic experiences at a younger age, they need help, so handle them carefully. He does his own work and seriously plans his future.

The child of Aquarius (21 January-19 February)
A stubborn, independent, unstoppable force. Even at an early age, they surprise people with their knowledge and appearance. He discusses everything that doesn't follow his logic. They love the world and the people. Even though she is calm and soft-headed, her behavior is unpredictable. Talking and companionship is a very enjoyable activity for them. I guess he's already decided what to do. As long as his body's busy, he's less comfortable. Suggest him to focus, adapt and focus on something.

Pisces child (20 February-20 March)
He is very stubborn or does not have a structure that breaks what he wants to know how to make. He'il do it with sweet smiles. An ordinary life is not for him, his imagination does not leave him alone, he constantly forces the orutin to transcend life. For this reason, they are not able to program their work or needs. Maybe you'll have to wake up with him at night, so you have to play day and night. It may seem calm, but the imagination is so vibrant that your job is very difficult. He's not going to be aware of his talents in pursuit of so many dreams, and he will feel bad when he is not encouraged about his talents. Reassure him, let him explore. Because they are sensitive and emotional, your hard behavior can break and shed tears. They are sympathetic and intelligent children, don't think they're lying, they're just expressing their dreams. His escape from the cruelty of truth will end and he will learn to stand against the world.

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