Important books in preschool education

Important books in preschool education

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The best thing to do when you're still in mid-July, still in summer, and your child is still out of school, is reading plenty of books for your child. If you think you can make these hot days read to your child, take a look at the book suggestions listed below for you 🙂


Author: Jenny TYLER - Robyn GEE
Translator: Özlem ÖZBAL
Publisher: Tübitak

Preschool library designed for preschool children to improve their hand skills, to get their attention and to convey simple arithmetic information to them, will enable parents to contribute to the development of their children. aims to teach concepts.

Birthday of the King of Seasons

Authors: Aytül AKAL
Translator: none
Publisher: Flying Fish

Is it possible to prevent seasonal changes? What if the seasons had not changed? Why do we now know nature? Differences arising from the mixing of colors yaratmak To create awareness with laughter and fun, to teach the differences…

Dot Coupling Dinosaurs

Author: Karen Bryant-Mole
Translator: Özlem ÖZBAL
Publisher: Tübitak

This colorful and cute activity book of the Early Childhood Library is fun as well as educational. As hidden pictures emerge, children will have fun as well as counting and pencil-holding skills.

Blue Giraffe Tiny, Telling the Square

Publisher: Academy Children's Book

Your child with this book; recognize square and rectangle, encounter colors, especially blue, learn to establish a relationship between shapes, colors and numbers and its environment, stimulate imagination, support language and social development. Turn the pages of the book with your child. Talk to him about the picture on each page, ask him questions. The protagonist of the book 'Blue Giraffe Tiny' hand puppet can be used together with the book to attract more attention of your child and have fun while learning.

If I Was An Astronaut

Drawings: Louise Comfort
Publisher: Turkey Isbank Cultural Publications

Place your own photo in the apartment! If you were an astronaut, what would you do? Place your favorite picture in the picture on the back page and start a fun space adventure. The perfect book that will improve your children's imagination!

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