Tactics to cut the baby from the breast

Tactics to cut the baby from the breast

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Breast cutting is a process in which many mothers experience emotional confusion.

Nasıl How can I achieve this without harming my child? ”
Im I've tried many ways but can't make it? ”
Or He gets very angry, still wants to boob, what can I do? ”

The first thing a mother with these worries should:

Deciding the right time to stop breastfeeding.
Your pediatrician who recognizes the child from birth and follows the development and growth processes should give your child when to stop breastfeeding. You should act with your pediatrician during this period.

What are the things to consider after your pediatrician says it's time to start breastfeeding?

1) This is primarily the mother's emotionally ready is necessary. Breast-feeding; it is a period in which every woman experiences different feelings for the motherhood process. She is pleased with her baby's devotion to her and makes her feel that she has raised it, nurtured it beautifully. She must be emotionally prepared to leave her baby in this way. If the mother starts this process before she is emotionally ready, we can observe the processes of re-cutting and unsuccessful breast cutting.

What should the mother do in order to relax emotionally?

Mother; she will see better now her baby grows up. As an individual, the child will be able to act independently of the mother in feeding and show the mother that her own development is progressing more healthily. It makes a mother happier to see that she has a child who can do it.

When you are emotionally comfortable, you should start the breast cutting process. You may be more impatient, irritable and gooey during periods of stress. Your stress may be reflected on your child.

2) Your child is also in the period of stopping breastfeeding. should be comfortable. The periods when the child is stressed (teething, changing the caregiver, changing the house, etc.) are periods in which success is delayed and the child experiences more emotional stress. For this reason, you should choose the periods when your child and you are comfortable, happier.

3) Breast cutting is a challenging process for every child. From the day he was born, he will be saddened to leave a process that is so close to you, that he feels your scent and relaxes with your skin. Failure to relive something he used to will make him angry and cranky. This response is quite natural. It is important for the mother to accept that the stress experienced in this process is natural and to be patient during this period.

4) Multiple cutting methods can emotionally force your child. The mother's rejection of herself may reveal the feeling that she doesn't love, care or value her. Therefore, gradual cessation methods are highly recommended.

5) In the gradual release method, the child still experiences stress, but the degree of stress is lower than the other. The day-to-day after-night cessation process should be started. You should reduce the frequency of daytime breastfeeding according to your child's lifestyle. You can switch to the night process when you feel that your daytime success is increasing.

6) In this process, you should be understanding and patient. You should inform other family members about this process and act as a team. Especially during this period, express your love for him often. Do not forget the game and fun to reduce the stress experienced. In this period you can treat him more harmoniously about what he wants. Increase your sensual contact as much as possible during the day, especially during sleep periods. Increased irritability can be reduced by your touches, can help calm down.

7) You should act decisively during this period. Stability does not mean forcing or emotionally suppressing your child in this process. Stability; This is your position on applying the above-mentioned methods step by step. Your indecisiveness, continuous restarting processes will force your child more emotionally.

8) Drinking milk from a fun glass, not from the mother's breast, can increase your child's motivation. You can give her a funny glass gift after a shopping. You can applaud every successful sighing family at home.

Some children react to this behavior. He can refuse cups and applause. When you observe such reactions, you can eliminate the applause and the glass. In this period, there may be children who accept the transition to the bottle.

Do not forget! Every developmental stage achieved at the right time and with the right methods prepares the ground for healthy growth of your child.

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