Health guide for summer pregnant women

Health guide for summer pregnant women

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Summer months are the most beautiful months of the year for many of us. You may think that you missed a lot because you spent these months pregnant, but your summer months may be the most beautiful times of the year.Numan Bayazıt made suggestions.

Keep Your Baby and Yourself Cool

Your unborn baby cannot control his or her own body temperature and lives depending on your body's temperature control mechanisms. Keep yourself cool by following these tips.
Natural Fabrics: Clothes made from natural fabrics such as cotton and linen will allow your body to breathe, saving you from sweating too much.

Light Color Clothes:While light colors reflect light, it absorbs dark colors. Therefore, it is easier to keep yourself cool with light clothes.
Don't Sunbathe Too Much: You may not realize how hot you are and you may even burn in the sun and suffer serious water loss.

The Sun Is Useful But

Be careful not to go out between 11:00 and 16:00, when the sun's rays are more steep and effective, if possible, do your activities outside these hours early in the morning or in the evening.

Sunspots Attention: During pregnancy, sunburn and sunspots are very common with the effect of hormones. Melasma gravidarum (known as the pregnancy mask) is the most important factor that plays a role in the formation of the mother's skin. exposure to radiation.

Sunscreen Selection: Apply UVA and UVB effective protective creams for at least 20 minutes before sun exposure. During pregnancy, sunscreen lotions that do not contain PABA or other chemical barriers, such as titanium dioxide or megzoril, are not recommended.

Don't bother with pimples

Acne, which annoys expectant mothers due to hormonal changes, increases with the effect of heat. Acne is a sebaceous gland unit disease because it is seen in oily skin, in areas with oily skin. Nas Med soaps containing olive oil and sulfur are available only from pharmacies. These soaps are recommended by dermotologists

Defeat Temperature

Ice cubes sure:If you want something a little more exciting, you can also make ice with fruit juice.
Rest your sweaty and swollen feet:When you need it, put your feet in a basin full of cold water - a few drops of peppermint oil will cool your settings even more.
Cool in the workplace: Keep your wrists under cold water. This movement will cool your whole body as wristbands are pulse points.
Drink plenty of water:Stay away from coffee and tea considering the caffeine's water-losing effect. Mint tea can be a refreshing alternative.
Get Fresh Air:Go out for lunch and fresh air when you can.

Dealing with Heartburn

In the case of heartburn, eat frequently and in small amounts, keeping food in your stomach to remove excess acid. Eat slowly and avoid fatty foods. Normal or decaffeinated coffee can aggravate heartburn. Since heartburn usually worsens when you lie flat, your doctor may advise you to sleep with the head of your bed 10-15 cm high. Also avoid eating food for 2 or 3 hours before bedtime. If these applications are not helpful, contact your doctor; may suggest an antacid.

Search for a Break

During the journey, a break of 1,5-2 hours should be given and a break of 5-15 minutes should be taken during breaks. In this way, the possibility of edema in the legs and blood clotting in the veins of the legs are minimized. Varicose stockings should also be used to prevent clot formation during long trips. There is no objection for pregnant women traveling by plane. Some airlines may not allow their travels, even if pregnant women older than 34 weeks have a medical report.

Don't Stay Too In The Pool

It is safe for pregnant women to enter the sea and pool, which is known to be clean, but some rules must be followed. Due to the presence of chemicals in the pool water, it is important to stay in the pool for a short time and take a shower after it leaves. Thanks to the shower, the chemical substance is removed from the body. Swimwear or bikini should be changed after getting out of the water. Because the fungal infection, which is common in pregnant women due to a change in vaginam HP, is expected more often with wet mayiotics, due to the fact that the genital area remains moist and may have to use medication for treatment.

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