What should be considered when choosing a school?

What should be considered when choosing a school?

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In the past, parents had no such problems! When the children were 7, they were sent to the nearest school. Nowadays, as the awareness of the importance of preschool education increases, mothers and fathers are surprised. Almost, the issue of choosing a school begins as soon as the child is born. Choosing a kindergarten for your child is just as important as choosing a profession and a spouse. Damla Özyiğit, Coordinator of Bilfen Kindergartens said, “Because most schools now take children from their mother's arms and leave them in the arms of life. The child finishes kindergarten, primary school and even high school by mixing in the same culture. ”“Two cars are not just a baby!”It is of great importance that the school to be preferred aims to provide the child with this educational journey. Preschool education only 'two cars, a baby' that can not be carried out special years emphasizing that the research carried out, the information and experiences that the child will acquire during this period, reminds him that it affects his whole life. Özyiğit gives the following information: “For example, during this period, the child will work with activities involving the perception of shape and ground, so that he cannot confuse the letters B and D when he discontinues reading so that he can understand what he reads. He will work with spatial relations so that he does not write the letter E in place of 3. It will work on finding and explaining the relationships between objects or events so that they can find the missing element in the other relationship and start thinking mathematically. It will work to capture the detail in the whole so that visual acuity develops and detects the point that should be focused on in the future by clearing the details. Consecutive relationships will work with patterns so that they can understand the relationship in future when performing rhythmic counting (two by two, five by five) according to a rule. He will work with activities that require intuitive thinking so that he can become an individual with a strong ability to predict in the future. He / she will work in activities that require planning skills so that he / she can evaluate the time well, transfer the information and have high planning skills. takes the first steps towards becoming an individual.The school should have an “educational philosophy”In addition to the education system of the school to be preferred, how the guidance system works also gains importance. Guidance unit; the child's development, the child's individual and group behavior, strengths and needs to be supported to share with the parents objectively, the child's development supportive, quality time needs to make suggestions to spend time. Regardless of the education and accumulation of teachers, Damla Özyiğit said that the in-service training seminars provided by the institution are of great importance. should not be overlooked. But remember that for your child, it is his teachers and the educational philosophy of the institution that will transform those physical conditions into an educational environment. ”It is also very important that the school to be attended has continuity in primary education!Özyigit; recalling that in the journey of education starting from kindergarten and continuing in elementary education, that the child can receive education in the same institution will continue uninterrupted from the point where the development remains, “Having the school to be preferred has a system and institutionalized structure from education to general functioning and taking the child into the center, improves it in all aspects. not to disregard individual differences, to provide professional guidance services, to have the necessary equipment and experience of teachers and to ensure continuity in primary education should be the criteria for making choices for your child. ”Bilfen Kindergartens Coordinator Damla Özyiğit

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