Children with bucket ears

Children with bucket ears

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Scoop ear in children causes psychological trauma especially during school. The children who have been ridiculed among their friends have problems of self-confidence. However, you can protect them from these traumas with a small surgery.Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist. Dr. Cemal Device; gave information about the scoop ear, which causes serious psychological problems in children: · Scoop ear; the angle of the head and ear is wider than normal. When viewed from the front, the ear canal is clearly seen; · The scoop is an aesthetic problem and not a physical condition. It can also cause psychological problems if there is a remarkable opening (scoop appearance).TREATS WITH HAIR· Psychological problems arise in children by making fun of their friends. Girls cover their ears with their hair and cannot collect their hair with others. · The development of the ear is completed in people around the age of 6 years. Therefore, it is ideal to perform scoop ear surgery before the child starts school. Thus, it is possible to solve the problem without experiencing psychological traumas. In addition, they become easier to adapt to the social environment, and therefore do not have problems with self-confidence.EARLY TREATMENT LESS TRAUMA· If the treatment is late, the child will suffer from psychological problems and loss of self-confidence. When not treated; The child either accepts this situation and tries to live in this way or tries to hide the bucket ears continuously. This causes them to experience problems both socially and psychologically in childhood and youth.A NEW LIFE IN TWO WEEKS· Scoop ear treatment; an appropriate method should be chosen according to the condition of the ear defect. The basic operations can be summarized as follows: Cartilage of the flattened ear canal is rotated in the opposite direction. Intermediate bottom of the ear cartilage is sutured to the head to narrow the angle. The excess skin behind the ear is then removed and then retained by a temporary mold. Approximately one week later, the mold is removed and the stitches behind the ear are removed. · There is no visible incision or suture from the anterior side. With this method, the possibility of recurrence of the ear partially or completely after the surgery is minimized.Self-confidence comes back· General anesthesia is not necessary in scoop ear surgery, it can be done with local anesthesia. However, general anesthesia can be applied in pediatric patients and adults in terms of comfort if desired • Children feel better psychologically, adapt to social life more easily after scoop ear surgery and regain their self-confidence.

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