Does praising children too much hurt them?

Does praising children too much hurt them?

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Psychiatrist. R. Sabri Yurdakul, on the subject: ve Loved and appreciated children feel better, ““ I can do, I can succeed ”by showing the courage to try on different topics and can not, I can not, they do not retreat. However, when it is overrated in praise, as in any business, they will backfire, this time they develop a narcissistic personality structure by exaggerating their value with a hollow self-confidence and underestimating other people. “I'm smart, smart people don't need to study to be successful,” he may not study, even if he succeeds with his intelligence to a certain extent, they will fail because of poor performance in situations where intelligence is not enough. Praise your children's behavior, not their intelligencePsychiatrist. R. Sabri Yurdakul, such as this study in another study, the children whose intelligence is praised compared to the children whose work effort is praised, stating that the children whose work effort is praised is more successful, the success of the children whose praise is left behind, he said. He said that the reason for this is that intelligence is insufficient after a certain level and the praise of the effort has an increasing feature and the efforts continue to increase. Everything should be at the dose, he added. R. Sabri Yurdakul said that praise can be about intelligence, beauty and talents. V Praise has a self-confidence effect. However, while this effect has a positive effect up to a certain point, after a certain point, children start to worry about the accuracy of these praises. If there are experiences that raise these concerns correctly, this time will have the opposite effect and loss of self-confidence. For example; Our child, who we think is a talent for music, will achieve success for a while when this talent is very supported, and after a while, he will not want to play the musical instrument by saying “If I fail, or no one likes”. This will eventually distract him from the music and stop playing the instrument. After all, we should be careful when praising our children, not overdo it. We should pay attention to the fact that praise is more oriented towards the effort and success of working than natural talents. There is an end to intelligence and talents, but there is no end to effort..

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